Why NBA players channeling 'Mamba Mentality' bothers Warriors GM Bob Myers

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Why Myers is bothered by players channeling 'Mamba Mentality' originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

Nowadays, many players use the term "Mamba Mentality" to pay homage to the late Kobe Bryant, who died in 2020. The former Los Angeles Lakers created the infamous mindset during his 20-year NBA career.

However, Warriors general manager Bob Myers takes issue with people casually using the slogan, considering Bryant's competitive attitude towards the opposition, training sessions and practice. It wasn't juts a line for Bryant; it was a lifestyle.

"When people use the Mamba Mentality, you guys don't do that," Myers said in a recent episode of The "All the Smoke" podcast. "You're not him. Nobody should be allowed to say that. I'm sorry. There is nobody there like him.

"When people say that, it bothers me and I'm like, I don't pretend like I do that, but I'm like, you don't get to say that. That's not a throwaway line ... I'm sorry, but that went with him. Come up with something else."

Myers continued by saying Bryant wasn't like other basketball players who have a similiar mindset towards beating their opponent. The Warriors general manager stated that the former Lakers guard didn't only want to defeat a team or player on the other side; he wanted to take the opposition's will.

"Not many guys want to take your will," Myers added. "A lot of guys want to beat you. Not many guys want to take your will and make it, so you know never to try that again.

"'Like, how dare you try to beat me? How dare you think you're going to come out here and beat me?' but nobody lives like, that's what I'm saying. That is not normal."

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While Myers believes nobody can live up to what "Mamba Mentality" represents, one player on the Warriors is using it to navigate his young NBA career. Jonathan Kuminga is utilizing the line from Bryant to solidify his role on the Warriors, which might change Myers' opinion if the former No. 7 overall selection in the 2021 NBA Draft can use it to live up to his potential.

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