Why Mindy Kaling Thinks She's Perceived as a "Spinster" for Having 2 Kids Without a Husband

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Mindy Kaling is prioritizing her happiness.

Speaking to Meghan Markle on the Sept. 6 episode of the Archetypes podcast, the co-creator of Netflix's Never Have I Ever got candid about how others might perceive her as an unmarried woman. Mindy told the Duchess that people "must" think of her as a spinster.

"I think, 'Oh, people probably don't think about me that much,' but it's like they do," Mindy said on the podcast. "And they do think of you in those terms."

Mindy—who is mom to Katherine, 4, and son Spencer, 23 months—also shared her worries of what being an unmarried woman with children might mean to her family in India.

"There's a whole Indian angle on it too—to choose to have your own children by yourself. I haven't been to India since I was 14 but you start thinking like what my relatives in India think about this," Mindy said. "Is this causing tremendous shame upon our family that I made this decision? I can make myself go crazy if I think too much about those things."

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However, the actress-writer is shutting down those thoughts.

"This will be maddening. I can't think about this anymore," Mindy said. "I have to just live my life to make myself and the people in my immediately family happy."

She has never publicly shared who the father of her children is. Reflecting on her own close relationship with her dad, Mindy said that she knows her children having a relationship with a father would be "valuable" to them.

"It wasn't our family's lot in life, and I do think about it with wistfulness and then also fear," Mindy said. "What will they think when they get older about that?"

Mindy Kaling

Though people have tried to set Mindy up with "some loser they know," the former Office star is making it clear she's perfectly fine on her own.

"I'm OK," Mindy said. "I'm a rich successful woman with great clothes and a nice family. I'm OK."

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