Why Katie Maloney Gets (and Deserves) Support From Vanderpump Rules Fans

(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)
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Katie Maloney is not a perfect human, no one is. However, she’s also not the problem that Vanderpump Rules has made her out to be. Instead, Katie has been gaslit since Season 1, as she was the main cast member calling out poor behaviors. No one likes being found guilty, so assigning problematic labels to the one who brings things to the light seemed to be the trend with her fellow cast mates, especially the men.

Fortunately, the tides are turning in her favor. Online, there are multiple threads, all filled with Vanderpump Rules fans who finally understand Katie. From a TBI to a lengthy relationship with a mousey man, she’s been through it, and now that she’s on the other side, Katie is thriving, and the appreciation posts are pouring in. Here are the reasons why Katie is finally getting this well-deserved support from the fans of this messy Bravo series.

Katie’s TBI Is Finally Acknowledged By Fans

Traumatic brain Injuries are no joke. If you are not a Katie fan, I beg you to put your swords down and listen, on this point at least. I personally experienced a TBI back in 2018 and can vouch—it changes everything. From unregulated emotions to changed perspectives, an injury to the brain can either temporarily, or forever, change who you are.

When Katie shared that a 25 foot fall through a skylight back in 2009 caused a TBI, which aided in her heightened emotions, various cast members cried, while others looked on, seemingly annoyed. You see, Katie had earned herself the nickname of Tequila Katie by this point. Her anger often came out in full force when her co-stars were displaying poor behaviors, especially when drinking.

Yet, even though her castmates knew about her inability to regulate her emotions, they used her moments of rage against her, which helped them to escape accountability for the behaviors that Katie had originally been trying to call out.

Recently, Katie’s injuries have been recalled online, and many fans have weighed in with support. “People will always act like things like these don’t matter unless they experience it first hand,” one viewer noted. “PTSD can present through anger, and Katie has spoken about having PTSD. I am so blessed to have a family that doesn’t hold my behavior against me…Katie deserved the same,” eloquently explained another.

While Katie was not always right, she didn’t deserve every moment of hate received. Overall, Katie’s TBI warrants this newfound support, bare minimum our understanding.

Katie’s Divorce and Self Love Journey Are Relatable

When appearing on the Almost Adulting podcast, Katie spoke a lot about her self-worth. While married to Tom Schwartz, Katie began a self-love journey. This ultimately saw Katie filing for divorce from Schwartz. Over on Reddit, Katie’s words resonated with several viewers.

“As someone struggling with ending a long-term relationship, I really feel Katie’s words. It is so hard to see things clearly when you’re in the thick of it,” explained one, receiving many likes. It’s far better for Katie to love herself than to wait for Schwartz to fully show up. She therefore deserves this support received, as walking away from a situation that doesn’t bring peace is not only hard, but life-changing, in both positive and challenging ways.

People Have Realized How Problematic Schwartz Was

If my spouse cheated on me multiple times, or, called me stupid, bully, or a b*tch like Schwartz often did to Katie, I’d rage too. However, Schwartz would always downplay his indiscretions, making Katie feel like she was overreacting. This toxic pattern lasted for years. That said, when Schwartz found himself entangled in Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss‘ affair, viewer perspectives began to shift.

In the most heavily commented thread used for this article, the viewers agree that Schwartz’s behaviors sucked. “Schwartz keeps saying Katie can’t take criticism and that’s why they can’t resolve their issues, but that is literally him! Katie is actually endlessly criticized by him and the group and copes, but nobody can criticize Schwartz ever,” one fan summed up pretty perfectly.

“I didn’t see it the first time I watched. I thought that he was a sweet guy and she was just a beyotch. Then I did a rewatch and came to realize that he is like the worst guy on the show and she’s ALWAYS criticized and belittled by not just him but the whole group,” agreed another.

As for his bestie Sandoval, the guy hated Katie, yet Schwartz often took his side. Katie called this out for years, which saw Sandoval coming for her even harder. Whenever Katie would cry to her then-husband, begging him to stick up for her, he wouldn’t.

It’s obvious that Vanderpump Rules fans have finally seen Katie’s point of view. She tried her hardest to open Schwartz’s eyes to his self-destructive ways and toxic friendships, but all Schwartz did in return was deflect. Even if it took a re-watch to change minds, changes were still seen, and Katie deserves the support she is now receiving.


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