Why Joseph Baena Says His Fitness Might Actually Work Against Him on Dancing with the Stars

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Joseph Baena knows his way around a weight room—but that might actually be a disadvantage on the dance floor.

The fitness model and actor—and son of Arnold Schwarzenegger—is a competitor on season 31 of Dancing with the Stars, premiering live Sept. 19 on Disney+, but now that he and partner Daniella Karagach have started practicing together, he's afraid his dedication to dumbbells could actually be detrimental to his chances.

"So far, I feel really heavy," Joseph exclusively told E! News. "It's not the best feeling. I usually feel pretty light with 300 pounds on my back. It's not too bad. But moving around, jumping, it's a lot!"

Still, despite the early struggles, Joseph said, "I'm ready for the challenge and I have the best coach here. We're going to kill it."

Pro dancer Daniella even gave her new pupil and partner good early marks for his work ethic.

"He's been practicing his butt off," she said. "He's been working so hard. Obviously it's not coming easy to him or is it going to come easy to anyone here. As long as you work hard and you strive to be better the next day, I think you'll be okay."

Dancing With the Stars Season 31 Cast

After all, Daniella knows what she's talking about. In season 30, she guided former NBA star Iman Shumpert all the way to the Mirrorball Trophy.

Joseph made no bones about being a beginner, which is teaching him new things about his body.

"I've never stretched so much in my life," Joseph said. "I am stiff. I am really tight around the hips."

Daniella remained confident in the process, however, saying, "We'll loosen him up."

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And while Joseph said his goal is to win the competition, he's also hoping to get "some new moves to break out on the dance floor."

Watch Joseph's body get put to the test when season 31 of Dancing with the Stars premieres live Sept. 19 on Disney+.

--Reporting by Charles O'Keefe

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