Why Jill Zarin Calling Below Deck a ‘Disaster’ Isn’t a Good Look

Jill Zarin
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Jill Zarin’s recent appearance on Below Deck was not good. At least, not for her and the Season 11 crew. During the early years of The Real Housewives of New York City, OG Jill was my favorite. She had a thick accent, a rich hubby, and an obsession with socializing. But she worked hard and seemed to be pretty understanding when it came to the other women’s drama. Even though Jill was wealthy, she was still, for the most part, relatable. She never seemed to be extravagant like Ramona Singer or Luann de Lesseps, but rather your everyday New Yorker.

However, my opinion of her has changed due to her time on Below Deck. She came in hot as she bossed the crew around. She acted like she was the primary, when she was simply a guest. In all reality, her attitude left much to be desired. I kept thinking, where did my funny, tactile-loving Jill go? Here’s why Jill calling Below Deck a “disaster” wasn’t a good look.

Jill was demanding

So, even though the Real Housewives franchise said goodbye to Jill a long time ago, a new villain was born in the nautical Bravo franchise. Jill walked around like her poop didn’t stink. She told the stews how to clean the bathroom, and said it should include a toiletry kit. She ordered sushi appetizers when the primary, her good friend, doesn’t eat raw fish. And she had the audacity to suggest there be a bell for the crew. Who was this woman?

Jill’s demands broke the crew and left everyone wondering who was actually the boss. Even though the mother of one tried to act as if she was doing everyone a favor, her long list of demands was a nightmare. Jill, if you want a mint on your pillow, bring your own! I was left speechless by how spoiled my beloved Bravo housewife was acting. It wasn’t a good look.

Jill calls out Fraser

Fraser Olender on Below Deck
Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

We all know Fraser Olender might be struggling with managing his interior team. But there was no way the English native was going to survive the Kraken which was Jill. The New Yorker came for everyone, but specifically the chief stew.

While talking on the Juicy Scoop podcast, Jill blamed Fraser for her lackluster trip, actually having the gall to call it a “disaster.”  Jill doubles down, noting, “If I like my Diet Coke, then I want another. If I don’t like it, then I will send it back. If I don’t like my food, then I will send it back. Most people do.”

It was clear that Jill expected a higher level of service from St. David. Jill had receipts and had reasons why she went hard for Fraser, telling the host, “It was $45,000 for two nights. You get on the boat at 12, and right away, you get lunch. You get an explanation — which I actually taped on my phone that I am going to post — of Fraser explaining the layout of the next two days.”

Walk the plank

There is no doubt that Jill acted like the primary in her own reality, but she was just too much for the crew. I don’t think it was fair of Jill to call out Fraser and the St. David crew because she frankly expected too much. Yes, you are paying a ton of money for the experience. But clearly, Jill and her group could afford it. If you want someone to be waiting on your every need, go to the Maldives, hire a bungalow with a butler, and enjoy. Jill’s belief that she should be waited on hand and foot was just hard to swallow.

I felt like Jill’s ego shouldn’t have been as big as it was, especially because my understanding was that she wasn’t the one paying the bill. But she regrets nothing, and that is commendable since, honestly, there were a lot of cringe moments over those two days.

Jill signed off, stating, “They spent an enormous amount of money. I wanted them to have an amazing experience. I did this show because my friends wanted to go on TV — I don’t blame them. I didn’t mind doing it with them because as long as I am me, I am good.”


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