Why Jason Derulo Picked Up Entire Restaurant's Tab For $112K: Certain Things In Life 'Are Just Worth It'

Jason Derulo knows how to celebrate and give back at the same time! Last month, the "Take You Dancing" singer spent more than $112,000 covering the bill for everyone dining with him at Catch LA to celebrate "Savage Love" hitting No. 1 on the Billboard charts. "There are certain things in life that are just worth it," he told Access Hollywood's Sibley Scoles of the extravagant gesture. "I can buy a million cars, but I'm only going to drive one at a time. I think life's experiences are most important, so if you can make a night special for some people, I think that's way more valuable than having a bunch of cars in your driveway that you never even drive." Jason also chatted with Sibley about collaborating on TikTok videos with pal Will Smith and girlfriend Jena Frumes. Plus, he talked about his new song, "Love Not War (The Tampa Beat)" featuring NUKA, which is out now.