Why Hannah Einbinder Is Hopeful for an Ava and Deborah Reunion in Hacks Season 3

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Hannah Einbinder is hopeful a Hacks homecoming is on the horizon.

At the end of the HBO Max comedy's second season, Deborah Vance (Jean Smart) fired writing partner Ava (Einbinder) in an attempt to get her to spread her wings and pursue professional aspirations of her own. It was a touching, bittersweet moment—and one that Einbinder hopes isn't totally indicative of what's to come.

"I'm just hoping that they're not apart for long," Einbinder told Variety Aug. 25. "I'm hoping that whatever that catalyst is that it comes in quick. But they haven't really told me anything about the trajectory of the show going forward."

While she hasn't been made aware of plans for season three, Einbinder has some of her own.

"I hope that [the characters] maintain sort of a respectful relationship, where [Ava] was able to understand the balance of making Deborah a part of her life and not her entire life," she suggested. "Hopefully they got some work to do. I love seeing the two of them at work, working on comedy. I hope there's a lot more of that."

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The season two finale found Ava unpacking her new Los Angeles apartment after being hired to a writing staff full-time. Despite that, Einbinder is optimistic she hasn't left the bright lights of Sin City behind forever.

"I hope they go back to Vegas a little more," she said. "I think there are so many amazing characters who live in Vegas. It's an interesting subculture, and just like a cool place to explore. So hopefully they go back to home base and get into some shenanigans there."

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While Einbinder's season three dreams feel rooted in reality, she had a far more avant-garde perspective when she spoke to E! News in July after earning her second consecutive Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

"I'm hoping that when we next meet Ava, she is living in a communal agrarian society where there's no money being asked, child rearing and goods and services are exchanged out of the goodness of everyone's heart," Einbinder joked. "There's no government and everyone just gets along."

Hey, we'd watch it.

The third season of Hacks is expected to premiere in 2023.

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