Here’s Why Fans Think Beyoncé & Lady Gaga Have a ‘Telephone’ Sequel on the Way

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Are Beyoncé and Lady Gaga reuniting? Fans seem to think so.

During the Super Bowl festivities on Sunday (Feb. 11), Beyoncé formally ended long-rumored speculation about the second act of her Renaissance trilogy by posting a teaser labeled “act ii” on Instagram, adding the project’s release date: March 29. She also released two songs, “Texas Hold ‘Em” and “16 Carriages.”

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In the teaser, Bey is seen driving a taxi through a barren landscape. Fans seems to have connected the taxi and the landscape to the music video for Beyoncé and Gaga’s 2010 collaboration, “Telephone,” in which Bey bails Gaga out of prison and the duo drive around in a red-and-yellow truck called the “p—- wagon.” The music video ends with the words “To Be Continued,” even though that never ended up happening.

Fans think that the story is continuing now, 15 years later, connecting the taxi in Bey’s teaser to the music video. Bey and Gaga have yet to confirm any future collaboration, so the theories are just speculation at this point.

The still-untitled Act II is the follow-up to Renaissance. That album, Beyoncé’s seventh solo studio effort, debut atop the Billboard 200, spawned a pair of Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hits — “Break My Soul” (No. 1) and “Cuff It” (No. 6) — and soundtracked the historic Renaissance World Tour, which grossed over $579 million.

Between the references to her home state of Texas and the country sound of the new music snippet, it looks like fans were onto something with their theory that Beyoncé’s next LP will find her delving into country music.

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