Why We’re Excited For Ariana Madix’s Broadway Debut In Chicago

(Photo by Rich Polk/Bravo via Getty Images)
(Photo by Rich Polk/Bravo via Getty Images)
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Ariana Madix is still riding the waves of fame after the hot mess that was Vanderpump Rules Season 10. Who knew that heartbreak could be so profitable? After receiving tons of endorsement deals, multiple film and TV spots, and even making it to the finale on Dancing with the Stars, it’s now been revealed that Ariana has gained yet another opportunity to shine post Scandoval. Soon, Ariana will make her debut on Broadway as Roxie Hart in Chicago.

Starting on January 29, Ariana will take the stage for a limited eight-week run. We couldn’t be happier for her. Now, hear us out, because we’ve also read all of the backlash that Ariana’s rise to the top has brought. This includes what Lala Kent said in the Season 11 trailer, regarding Ariana’s ability to achieve a God-like status following heartbreak.

But Lala was right, as Ariana definitely appears untouchable right now. On this though, we are choosing happiness for our favorite bartender on Bravo, who has been incredibly open about her mental health over the years. Genuinely, everyone deserves a period of peace in the sunlight following a storm, including Ariana, no matter how long her time to shine might last. For this reason, and others that we will now give, we’re excited for Ariana Madix’s Broadway debut in Chicago.

Broadway Was Always Ariana’s Dream

Ariana announced her Broadway debut on LIVE with Kelly and Mark last month. Before revealing her latest gig, Mark Consuelos set Ariana up with the perfect lay-up. Here, Mark noted that after college, Ariana had moved to NYC to pursue a Broadway career. “Yeah, that was my big dream as a kid,” Ariana responded.

This caused Kelly Ripa to ask, “You have a degree in theater…do you think that dream will come true one day?” Cue Ariana’s announcement, followed by her thrilled statement of “It is just the biggest dream come true. I cannot believe that this is real life.”

Ariana’s joy then turned emotional. She covered her face briefly before expressing, “I’m going to cry.” We could cry happy tears as well, because a lifelong dream realized is no small feat. This is just one of the reasons why we are excited for Ariana’s Broadway debut in Chicago.

Ariana Actually Has the Chops for Broadway

Even though Ariana didn’t win on DWTS, she still placed in the top three during the Season 32 finale, which is impressive. As for her future role, the part of Roxie is typically stunt cast, as this character portrays an aspiring star whose talent isn’t necessarily polished. Due to this, this role has been led by many stars, including Bravo’s own Erika Jayne and Lisa Rinna. With roles like this, where the character doesn’t necessarily have to have talents worthy of a Broadway-leveled stage, it’s easy to get away with casting someone who might not have the best technical skills.

That said, Ariana’s talented. She can carry a tune, she can certainly dance, and when it comes to memorizing lines, her latest bit parts have shown that she can do this as well, with ease. Now, we get to watch all of these talents combine in Ariana’s latest gig. Truly, we are excited to watch Ariana’s stage chops present, and possibly even grow, during her Broadway debut.

Ariana Is Already Selling Out the Theater

Over on Reddit, a thread with the title of “If you want to see Ariana on Broadway in Chicago – get your tickets ASAP!” is quickly growing, as the OP wrote, “As soon as I heard Ariana was going to be in Chicago, I jumped online to get tickets. When I did, there were tons of seats available. I went back on today and I can’t believe how many tickets have been sold in the last 24 hours! 75% of the seats are gone compared to yesterday evening!!”

Ariana’s tickets are moving fast. We are thrilled over this extra nod of validation that she has to be feeling. Clearly, we are not the only ones excited for Ariana’s debut as Roxie on Broadway.

Ariana Will Be in the Same City as Daniel

Goodbye, Tom Sandoval, hello Daniel Wai. During Ariana’s DWTS journey, Daniel posted appreciation and praise for his beloved leading lady. Luckily for them, Daniel’s primary residence is in NYC. For eight weeks, these two will finally be able to call the same city home.

For these two months, Ariana can leave the stresses of VPR behind. Granted, she’ll have new stressors, as Broadway is no joke. However, when the curtains close on each of her performances, she’ll have Daniel, waiting in the wings. This is just another reason why we are excited for Ariana’s stint on Broadway, as it will give the pair time to bond, without the threat of Ariana having to jet back to CA.

This Realized Dream Shows Ariana’s Future Is Bright

While Ariana is away in NYC, hopefully, her sandwich shop with Katie Maloney can progress. Sure, the delays are understandable, as permits and inspections are the worst. However, the girls have been working hard for a long time to see their shared dream realized, so they deserve a win in the form of an opening day.

As for now, Ariana will soon be leaving LA, where she finished filming for Vanderpump Rules Season 11 and DTWS, while also basking in the success of her latest book, ‘Single AF Cocktails.’ She’s giving thriving. Even if the viewers turn on her during Season 11, for whatever reason, Ariana has proven that she can succeed anywhere, on any stage, bookshelf, or film set.

We are excited to see what doors, or even future memoirs, arrive for Ariana next, after she proves herself, once again, in her Broadway Debut in Chicago.


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