Why Diana Jenkins Deleted Her Instagram Account

Diana Jenkins
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Diana Jenkins really has had some trouble with social media since becoming a one-season wonder on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. First, there was that whole debacle where she filed a lawsuit and funded an investigation after being accused of orchestrating an army of bots to attack Garcelle Beauvais’ teenage son on Instagram.

Now, she just deleted her own Instagram account after it was revealed that a quote from Andy Cohen that she re-posted was completely made up.

A Bravo fan account posted a fake quote about Andy wanting Diana back on the show

Fan account @SONJARITA made a post on X that said Andy admitted he’d like Diana back on RHOBH at a BravoCon panel last weekend. It simply read, “#bravocon: andy cohen admits he’d like to see sanela diana jenkins back on #rhobh. ‘She was at the level i want the show to be at.’”

The post didn’t disclose that it was a made up quote, nor does the account that posted it say in its bio that it’s a parody account. So, it’s a little understandable that Diana saw it and shared it on her Instagram, even though she should probably know by now that she was one of the most forgettable Housewives ever.

Diana shared it, writing, “@bravoandy much appreciated. To all of those who didn’t understand why I joined the show and what my story line was, here it is. Much love to you all.”

Courtesy of @sdjneuro on Instagram before she deleted her account
Courtesy of @sdjneuro on Instagram before she deleted her account

Diana’s former castmates Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards, and Lisa Rinna flocked to her comment section to show her love. They made it clear that they agreed with what they thought was Andy’s quote. Were these women watching the same show we all watched? Notably absent from tossing Diana their support were Garcelle, Sutton Stracke, and Erika Jayne.

Courtesy of @sdjneuro on Instagram before she deleted her account
Courtesy of @sdjneuro on Instagram before she deleted her account

Andy Cohen: “This is a made up quote”

Andy was not here for someone putting words in his mouth. He responded shortly after everything went down. “This is a made up quote folks. Never mentioned DJ all weekend, nor was I asked.”

Do I sense a touch of shade? Diana must’ve been either super embarrassed or had finally had enough, because she wiped her Instagram account shortly after Andy shot the quote down.

The account that posted the lie kind of issued an apology to Diana, but it was too late.

Pretty much the only memorable thing about Diana is that she loves a lawsuit. So, watch out @SONJARITA, Diana’s probably incessantly licking her lips and plotting your legal demise!

You can stream Diana’s sole season of RHOBH – Season 12 – on Peacock.


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