Why "Boy Crazy" Camila Cabello Once Cried at a Justin Bieber Concert

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There's nothing quite like your first time—just ask Camila Cabello and John Legend.

The Voice coaches played several rounds of a game dubbed "My First Time" in honor of Camila's upcoming freshman season on the NBC singing competition, and now, E! News is bringing you an exclusive look at all of the pair's confessions.

As the below clips show, the game's subjects ranged from Camila and John's earliest passions to their very different forays into the working world—the latter of which is likely common knowledge amongst Camila's fans. "My first job was being a singer on the The X Factor," she revealed, referencing the series that famously formed Fifth Harmony. "I was 15!"

John, on the other hand, had a much more relatable first job: an assistant to a repairman at Kincaid's music store in his hometown of Springfield, Ohio.

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The Voice coaches aren't complete opposites, though. In fact, they even shared a similar affection for reference books—John, the encyclopedia because he's "a nerd," and Camila, the dictionary "because I was in the spelling bee."

It turns out Camila was equally passionate about a then up-and-coming musician. "The first concert I begged my parents to go to was a Justin Bieber concert," she said. "We got these tickets, they were a scam and ended up being these seats all the way up in the nosebleeds. And when I got there, I was so sad I cried because I could not see Justin Bieber. He was like an ant!"

As a "boy-crazy" fangirl, Camila said she was especially sad because she thought Justin "was gonna spot me in the crowd, and we were gonna fall in love."

Hear more from Camila and John in the above clips.

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