Why Bella Hadid Skipped the 2024 Met Gala

new york, ny may 4 bella hadid is seen leaving her hotel on may 4, 2024 in new york, new york photo by megagc images
Why Bella Hadid Skipped the 2024 Met GalaMEGA - Getty Images

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We missed you, Bella Hadid.

Despite speculation the supermodel would make her grand return to the red carpet at tonight’s Met Gala, Hadid decided to skip fashion’s biggest night for 2024. Her older sister Gigi, meanwhile, attended the event solo.

While it’s unclear how the Kin Euphorics founder spent her night, Hadid’s absence from the gala tonight is not a big surprise. As Harper’s Bazaar has reported, she just recently made her return to the spotlight following a months-long hiatus to focus on recovering from her health issues.

Last summer, after skipping several Fashion Weeks and lying low on social media, the supermodel explained she had recently finished an intense 100-day treatment for Lyme disease, and was “finally healthy.”

Since then, she has slowly returned to public events, and has spent a lot of her time attending, training for, and participating in equestrian competitions alongside her new boyfriend, Adan Banuelos.

Earlier this month, Hadid also launched her new fragrance brand, Orebella, which she describes as a “second skin.” She told Bazaar of the scent: “I never had a fragrance I was so obsessed with that made me feel unique and different. I started making my own and started making decks about it. Then, all of a sudden, I had conversations with myself about my future and, like, what excited me, and it really was bringing something that was so personal to me to the world, and having the opportunity for people to see my heart and my brain.”

So, while we missed Hadid on the Met steps tonight, we can’t help but feel joy for our girl as she celebrates her latest milestone in peace.

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