Why 19-Year-Old Social Media Influencer Says She Had A Breakdown

Danny says his daughter, Dy’Mond, is a social media influencer known as “DyMondsFlawless”. He says she has over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and has a contract with a clothing company. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: "Dr. Phil, please solve our conflict!" Now, five years into her social media success, Danny says he fears his 19-year-old daughter may be headed toward a nervous breakdown. “The pressures of fame have given her a lot of anxiety,” Danny says. “It’s gotten very tricky for her to know the right balance with her social media.” WATCH: 19-Year-Old Social Media Influencer Claims She Can’t Live Normal Life – Dr. Phil Says That’s Not True “I can’t think of doing anything else in my life because I love being an influencer,” Dy’Mond says. However, the teen admits, “Sometimes, I miss a normal life. It’s hard not having much privacy and having people know all about my life.” Hear why Dy’Mond says she had a breakdown over the summer in the video above. And on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear Life Coach Mike Bayer’s advice for Dy’Mond and her father. Plus, Dr. Phil has a surprise for the young woman. Check here to see where you can watch. TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Need Dr. Phil to get real with someone?