Who's the Best Gunslinger in the Cast of 'Magnificent Seven'? We Asked Them

There’s a lot of star power in Antoine Fuqua’s new riff on the classic Western The Magnificent Seven, with an ensemble that includes Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, and Ethan Hawke. There’s also a lot of gunpowder as the titular band of cowboys coalesce to save a small town from a merciless madman (Peter Sarsgaard).

So who has the best gunslinging skills among this posse? Who’s the last guy in this cast you’d want to face in a shootout? Depends who you ask.

“If I look at these seven guys, my eye goes to B.H. [Byung-hun Lee],” Washington said (watch above) about the South Korean star best known for playing Storm Shadow in the G.I. Joe movies. “‘Cause he’s quiet. And you may not know it. You’ll wake up dead.”

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo also garnered some support, with Hawke declaring the Mexico native the best gunslinger. However, costar Haley Bennett praised the bow-and-arrow skills of newcomer Martin Sensmeier, and Hawke called Sensmeier the best equestrian.

Even goofball-turned-action hero Pratt had his backers. “I’ve seen Chris, from the hip, fill a playing card, every bullet in the center of the card from six feet,” marveled Vincent D’Onofrio. “Chris is the best outdoorsmen,” added the praise-heaping Hawke.

As for how Pratt would do in the actual wild wild West, that’s a different story. “I’m an actor,” he said. “Look at my f–king hands. They’re soft. I have soft, bitch-ass actor hands. I’d get one splinter, I’d probably die of an infection.”

The Magnificent Seven opens everywhere Friday. Watch the trailer: