Whoopi Goldberg Teases ‘Sister Act 3’ Release After Fan Speculation: ‘It’s Coming’

Calling all Sister Act fans — the franchise’s third installment may be hitting the big screens rather soon! Whoopi Goldberg teased the upcoming release of Sister Act 3 after years of fan speculation.

"I can say it's coming," she said of the movie during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Thursday, May 23. "It's coming around the mountain when it comes. It'll be here soon. I'm excited. It's time for it, you know, it's time."

Among the reasons why Whoopi, 68, wanted to make Sister Act 3 was the desire to make the audience laugh.

"Because we need to laugh, you know?" she added. "I don't know what we're going into, but whatever it is, I'm gonna need to chuckle a lot … I think I'm good when I make other people laugh, too."

In the films, Whoopi stars as Deloris Van Cartier, who goes under witness protection as Sister Mary Clarence. The first Sister Act movie was released in 1992, while Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit came out in 1993.

Earlier this month on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the EGOT winner revealed that she offered Pope Francis a role in Sister Act 3 when she met him in October 2023. Whoopi told host Jimmy Fallon that the pope "seems to be a bit of a fan" of the film franchise.

Whoopi Goldberg Sister Act 3
Whoopi Goldberg Sister Act 3

"Did he ask for, like, a cameo in Sister Act 3?" Jimmy, 49, asked.

"No, but I offered one," she confessed. "He said he'd see what his time was like."

Whoopi previously reflected on her experience meeting the Pope during an episode of The View.

"I really like this man, because, you know, when people talk about, you know, who you want, this is supposed to be the guy that you talk to," she told her costars at the time.

"He's annoyed a lot of people because he said some things people don't think are correct, but I do. Because, you know, you're the pope," Whoopi added. "You say, 'Listen, we welcome everybody. We want everybody at our party. We want everybody. We don't — you know, we're not going to judge you. Only God judges you.'"

In March, Whoopi once again hinted that Sister Act 3 was still a go and she was looking forward to it.

“It’s still on the way! It’s percolating,” the Ghost actress revealed in an interview with People at the time. “They have not said, ‘We’re over you and this movie.'”

“We’re still in the process of writing the script,” she revealed.