Whoopi Goldberg dismisses controversy over bride costume for children: 'What the hell?'

Halloween 2019 is shaping up to be one packed with costumes, candy and controversy.

The View” weighed in on a recent uproar over a Halloween costume sold by Kmart in Australia. The costume, a bridal gown for children, was pulled from shelves by the big box chain after a petition was started, accusing the getup of normalizing child marriage and sex trafficking. A Kmart spokesperson said, in part, “It was not intended to cause offense and we sincerely apologize.”

Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t on-board with the controversy, chastising objectors by saying, “It’s a Halloween costume! What the hell?” She added, “It’s Halloween — leave the kids! It’s one day of candy!”

Fellow panelist Joy Behar said the costume isn’t appropriate, but for different reasons. “They’re programming you to get married and have children,” said Behar. “You should have a choice in that,” she added.

Much like the panel, viewers on Twitter were split over whether the bride costume is appropriate for children. Some said it wasn’t a big deal at all:

Others said it’s not okay at all:

One dad objected, but for his own reasons:

Wendy Williams says Meghan Markle shouldn’t be surprised at treatment by tabloids:

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