Whitney Way Thore Tries to Set Up Her Ex-Boyfriend Lennie on a Date: 'That's So Weird'

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Whitney Way Thore Tries to Set Up Her Ex-Boyfriend Lennie on a Date: 'That's So Weird'

Despite their past relationship, Whitney Way Thore has no problem getting involved in her ex-boyfriend's current love life.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, the 38-year-old attempts to set up her ex Lennie on a date.

"What's going on in your dating life," Thore asks during a car ride before Lennie responds, "I mean, I'm pretty single right now."

In the clip, Thore tells Lennie she wants to set him up with her friend Heather, which he immediately shuts down, explaining that it's a "weird" thing for her to do.

"Didn't you show Heather a picture of my d— one time I sent you?" Lennie says before Thore screams of embarrassment and admits that she did.

"What, she liked what she saw or something?" he quipped.

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whitney way thore
whitney way thore

"I'm not really interested in Heather like that … she's your friend," Lennie adds. "Do you actually want me to go on a date with Heather?"

Thore assures that she's fine with it, but Lennie questions whether Heather would possibly get jealous of their friendship and Thore "touching me and stuff all the time."

"I don't touch you like that! I got a man," Thore says, referring to her long-distance relationship with her French boyfriend.

The couple began dating last year after meeting through online language tutoring. Her boyfriend — who asked to remain anonymous and hasn't been shown in full on Thore's TLC show or her Instagram — lives in Paris, and she and her friends simply refer to him as the "Frenchman."

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While in her long-distance relationship, Thore has been having difficulty juggling her close bond with Lennie while he works for her company.

"Honestly, if you and Heather went on a date and you found that you were really compatible and were in love, I would be thrilled," Thore tells Lennie in the clip. "Because ultimately I want her to find love with someone who I think is a good person, who I know and trust."

Regardless, Lennie then assures Thore that he's not interested in being set up.

New episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life air on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC and will be available on discovery+ the same day.