Whitney Way Thore 'Doesn't Remember Life' Without Ex Lennie but Misses Long-Distance Boyfriend

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Whitney Way Thore 'Doesn't Remember Life' Without Ex Lennie but Misses Long-Distance Boyfriend

While missing her long-distance boyfriend, Whitney Way Thore admits she can't picture her life without her ex.

In PEOPLE's exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, the 38-year-old reflected on her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Lennie as the two grow close while he works for her company.

"I love Lennie. It's weird, it's like when you fall— okay I'm getting myself in trouble," Thore says. "You know when you fall in love with somebody and then very soon after you're like 'What was I doing before this person?' I literally don't remember life without you in it now anymore."

In the clip, the former couple is relaxing and discussing their plans for the day. Lennie mentions that the weather was nice so he was considering doing his production work outside for the day.

"I need my Vitamin D," Lennie says before Thore adds, "I'm definitely D deficient."

After an awkward silence, Thore clarifies, "Vitamin D! I'm talking about Vitamin D," as Lennie laughs.

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whitney way thore
whitney way thore

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"I am D deficient though. Certainly am," the reality star continues. "That's what happens when you're in one of those LDRs."

Thore is currently in a long-distance relationship with her French boyfriend. The couple began dating last year after meeting through online language tutoring. Her boyfriend — who asked to remain anonymous and hasn't been shown in full on Thore's TLC show or her Instagram — lives in Paris, and she and her friends simply refer to him as the "Frenchman."

In a confessional, Thore talks about some of the struggles that come with having her boyfriend so far away.

"Long-distance relationships are…they're not easy, obviously," she explains. "But I think mine is way easier than probably most people's because it started long distance. We've been that way the whole time. It doesn't feel that weird to me, honestly. I would like to see him again, but…"

"Really, I'd like a little scritch," Thore says while Lennie chimes in, "A little scratch on the back…I know. I know where your spot is."

Thore agrees as Lennie starts to scratch her back while they both laugh.

"I know exactly where it is. It's like right above your butt crack is where you want it," Lennie adds. "Don't tell Frenchman."New episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life air on Tuesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on TLC and will be available on discovery+ the same day.