Whitney Port’s Husband Tim Rosenman Says She’d Be ‘Hotter With 10 More Pounds’ Amid Weight Concerns

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The Hills star Whitney Port’s husband, Tim Rosenman, has provided some clarification regarding his concern for his wife’s weight — although he admitted that his stance, which includes the opinion that she would look “hotter with 10 more pounds,” might make him look bad. 

During the Tuesday, August 29 episode of Whitney’s podcast, “With Whit,” Tim, 46, and his wife discussed the recent speculation about Whitney’s weight, which began in July when the reality star, 38, admitted that Tim had “been worried” about her looking “too thin.” Tim clarified on the podcast that he thought Whitney was “too thin from an aesthetic point of view” and thought she could “be hotter.”

Tim then admitted that this explanation might “open [him] up to being an a–hole.” However, he doubled down, noting that he “personally prefer[s her] with another 10 to 15 pounds … from a looks point of view.”

“I was concerned that you could be hotter with 10 or 15 more pounds, and maybe that’s f–ked up,” the film producer later added. 

Whitney agreed that she was unhappy with her appearance “aesthetically,” blaming her “ripped-up esophagus” for making her sick and causing drastic weight loss. “Since then, I think I have just not put it back on,” she continued.

Tim, who married Whitney in 2015 and shares a 6-year-old son named Sonny with her, later admitted that he was “not worried about [her] health” because he has “intimate knowledge” about her “organ functions and cholesterol levels” and knows she is healthy. However, he added that he was concerned about Whitney having a “strained relationship with food, with appearance [and] with being in the public eye.”


Whitney first addressed the weight concerns in a July 24 Instagram Story. “I’ve gotten a lot of comments about looking too thin. At first, it didn’t bother me. I chalked it up to people not knowing what my diet looks like,” she wrote. “But Timmy brought it to my attention, as a good husband should, and said it’s not just something strangers are spewing.”

The former MTV star admitted that she’s not “consciously thinking about” her weight and blamed the weight loss on being “too lazy to make feeding myself a priority or I’m too picky when it comes to taste and quality.” She also promised to make her health “a priority” in the future.

As the speculation surrounding Whitney’s weight continued the following week, she brought up the subject on her podcast, revealing that she is in the process of finding a nutritionist. She also said she does not think she has an eating disorder but rather a type of “disordered eating” where she lets herself go hungry. “That’s not OK, that’s not healthy,” Whitney added. 

She shared another update on August 3, revealing in an Instagram Story that she visited a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop

“I’m obviously working on understanding my relationship with food so I can be the healthiest version of myself,” she wrote. “I want to build muscle and be strong for my bones and I fully commit to focusing on my personal health, but having more ice cream than usual doesn’t suck either.”