White Ohio man sentenced for video of racist assault on Black woman


Yesterday (Nov. 21), Andrew Walls was sentenced for a drunken rant that led to a racist assault of a Black woman on the streets of Akron, Ohio. In a clip that circulated on social media, the white man referred to the victim as a “n**ger b**ch” before punching her in the face.

Cleveland, Ohio news station WKYC 3 reported that Judge Annalisa S. Williams ordered Walls to serve 180 days in the Summit County Jail. He must also pay a $250 fine and remain on probation for two years. In the video that led to his arrest, Walls was with four other white males in Highland Square — all of whom appeared to be intoxicated. As a bystander videotaped, the word “n**ger” was heard amongst them. Walls aggressively approached a nearby group of people, saying, “Let’s go,” while throwing his arms up in a threatening manner.

“Are you f**king dumb?” a woman asked. Walls responded, “N**ger b**ch, shut your mouth,” then proceeded to punch her in the face. He then hit another woman as bystanders gasp in horror. A male intervened by punching Walls back, saying, “That’s a woman, bro.” It’s unclear if the man was a friend of the ladies’ or simply another bystander. The first woman to be hit was identified as Cameron Morgan. A video showed Morgan suffered from a split lip after being struck in the face. WKYC 3 noted she was taken to a local Ohio hospital, where doctors informed her she also had a concussion.

Rumors circulated that Walls is associated with the white supremacist group Proud Boys, however, the news station could not confirm those reports. Akron, Ohio Police Chief Steve Mylett issued a statement after the disturbing video spread on social networking sites. “Hate has no place in our beloved city,” he began. Mylett continued, “We will use every resource at our disposal to bring anyone who engages in racially motivated or bias-based crimes to justice. We stand united with the victim of this heinous assault and her family to ensure justice is served.”