What do white nails mean and what do they say about relationships?

First, Gen Z claimed light blue nails meant a girl has a boyfriend. Now the cool kids say white nail polish can also indicate a person's relationship status. Apparently, white nail polish suggests that the person is single and available. The light blue nail polish theory came from the idea that when a girl asks her boyfriend what color to paint her nails, the guy usually says "light blue”. While it's unclear why white nail polish symbolizes singledom, TikTokers appear to be having a lot of fun with the idea. When the user @svc_brayy shared a conversation with his "sneaky link" or lowkey potential hookup, the color of her nails determined a lot. She asked him to come over but he brushed her off. That was until he saw her white nails and knew she was single and ready to mingle. "Y'all know what them white nails mean," he captioned the video. The @levinhotho made a skit where his girlfriend came back with a white manicure which translated to "Dude, she's just not into you”