White Lung Releasing Final Album in December

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The 50 Best Albums of 2016
The 50 Best Albums of 2016

There’s both good and bad news for White Lung fans this morning, as the band has announced it will stop making music together, but not before releasing a final new album. Premonition will arrive Dec. 2 via Domino Recording Company. Two tracks from the album, “Date Night” and “Tomorrow,” are out now and both are accompanied by videos.

“Date Night” finds frontwoman Mish Barber-Way imagining God drunk-driving her throughout Los Angeles. “I felt like that part of my life was expiring, so I was projecting those angry and scared feelings out onto the city of L.A. because it’s safe and comfortable to live in your anger instead of being self-reflective,” she says.

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As for “Tomorrow,” Barber-Way wrote it when she found out she was pregnant. Both of the new videos were directed by visual artist Justin Gradin. The band began working on Premonition in Vancouver in 2017 with longtime producer Jesse Gander, and wound up taking an unintentional five-year hiatus due not only to the pandemic but also Barber-Way’s two pregnancies.



Premonition Track List

1. Hysteric
2. Date Night
3. Tomorrow
4. Under Glass
5. Mountain
6. If You’re Gone
7. Girl
8. Bird
9. One Day
10. Winter

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