How, where, when, and why to watch the Queen's funeral

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RIP Queen Elizabeth
RIP Queen Elizabeth

If you somehow have not heard over the past week, allow us to break the news: Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth regions, is dead. Of course, it’s sad when anyone dies, but Elizabeth was 96 years old and had spent 60 of them as queen, the nation had been expecting her passing.

That said, the circumstances surrounding the Queen’s funeral are inarguably historic. It has been nearly 60 years since the U.K. saw a new monarch, and nearly as long since they saw the funeral of one. This means it will be the first time in the internet age that the nation has buried a monarch, and while we got a taste of it with Prince Philip’s Covid-safe funeral last year, this is obviously going to be a bit more of a production.

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When is Queen Elizabeth’s funeral?

The funeral for Queen Elizabeth II will be held on Monday, September 19. It begins at 11 am local time, which means for those of us across the pond, it will be live at 6 am on the East Coast, or the ultra-early (or late, depending on who you are and how you live your life) 3 am on the Pacific. There will be a nationwide 2-minute silence in the U.K. near the end of the funeral, and those watching stateside can also choose to participate for a more immersive experience.

Where is the Queen’s funeral?

Elizabeth II’s funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey in London. The location is actually where Elizabeth was coronated back in 1953, and where she married Prince Philip in 1947. One of the most important locations in British history, it also hosted Princess Diana’s funeral back in 1997, and, amidst a staggering of royals, other famed Brits like Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, and Laurence Olivier are interred in the Abbey.

How can I watch the Queen’s funeral?

The Queen’s funeral will be broadcast on most major news networks, including NBC, ABC, CNN, BBC America, PBS (and, and Fox News. Per Marie Claire, the funeral will also stream live for free on YouTube via the ITV channel, and will be able to rewatch after it concludes on Hulu.

Why should I watch the Queen’s funeral?

If you’re American (like this author), the Queen’s funeral is probably not as big of a deal for you as for citizens of the Commonwealth. That totally makes sense. That said, if you happen to be awake in the wee hours of the morning, why not? It’s an undeniably historic occasion, and stars like Elton John, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and Mariah Carey all showed up to Diana’s funeral, so who knows who’ll be there.