Where to Watch ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ and Catch Up on ‘Star Wars’ Online

Anakin Skywalker’s Light Side mentor is finally getting time in the spotlight. Obi-Wan Kenobi premieres May 27 on Disney+, joining recent Star Wars spinoff series The Book of Boba Fett, The Mandalorian and the forthcoming Ahsoka.

Ewan McGregor reprises his role as Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the Disney+ series takes off a decade after the events of Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith. Now exiled, the Jedi Master is on the run from his former apprentice and best friend, Sith Lord Darth Vader (Hayden Christensen). The series follows Vader’s turn to the Dark Side and also stars Joel Edgerton (as Luke Skywalker’s uncle, Owen Lars), PEN15′s Maya Erskine, Benny Safdie, Kumail Nanjiani, Rupert Friend, Moses Ingram, O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Bonnie Piesse.

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How to Watch Obi-Wan Kenobi Online

Obi-Wan Kenobi is available exclusively on Disney+, so you’ll need a subscription to the streaming service. The first two episodes premiere May 27, and the remaining four will be released every Friday through June 22.

Disney+ plans start at $8 a month, or you can save 15 percent with an annual subscription, which is $80 per year. (A cheaper ad-supported tier will launch later this year.) That gets you access to all of the Star Wars movies and spinoffs, including George Lucas’ original franchise and prequel trilogies, seasons one and two of The MandalorianSoloThe Force AwakensThe Last JediThe Rise of Skywalker and more.

Disney+ Subscription

Price: $8 monthly or $80 annually

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If you’re considering cutting the cord, you can subscribe to the Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu bundle, which is $14 per month for the ad-supported package or $20 monthly for the ad-free plan. Both options let you watch live sports and original series from Hulu and Disney+, including all of the Star Wars movies and series. (Unfortunately, Disney+ is not offering any National Streaming Day deals.)

Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu Subscription

Price: $14 to $20 monthly

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For those looking to make the switch from traditional cable, you can get all of the above with the Hulu With Live TV plan, which starts at $76 per month and lets you stream over 75 cable channels live. You can also add on HBO Max, Showtime, Starz and other networks to expand your binge-watching options.

Hulu with Live TV, Disney+ and ESPN+

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How to Watch All of the Star Wars Films in Order Online

Catching up on the intergalactic franchise? Here’s the best order to watch all of the Star Wars films and spinoff series, including Episodes IV to VI (originally released from 1977 to 1983), the prequel films, Episodes I to III (1999 to 2005), the sequel franchise, Episodes VII to IX (2015 and 2019), and the latest live-action spinoff series. The best part — everything is available on Disney+, so you can easily stream from one place.

As Vanity Fair revealed, Andor (the Star Wars spy saga starring Diego Luna as Cassian Andor) will premiere in theaters in late summer. Ahsoka — starring Rosario Dawson as the former Jedi trainee — will land on Disney+ next year, but an exact premiere date has yet to be announced. The Mandalorian season three will land later this year or early 2023, and The Acolyte — which takes place about 100 years before the Skywalker era — is due “slightly further off” from Ahsoka.

Below, we’ve listed the Star Wars films and spinoff series in the order that they take place in the sci-fi storyline. The timeline is based on the events before and after the Battle of Yavin, which led to the destruction of the Death Star in Episode IV: A New Hope, so each title is denoted as BBY or After the Battle of Yavin (ABY). Note that this list excludes the LEGO Star Wars series and specials.

  • Tales of the Jedi series, 50-18 BBY (2022)

  • Episode I: The Phantom Menace, 32 BBY (1999)

  • Episode II: Attack of the Clones, 22 BBY (2002)

  • Clone Wars animated film, 22 BBY (2008)

  • The Clone Wars series, 22-19 BBY (2008-2014, 2020)

  • Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, 19 BBY (2005)

  • The Bad Batch, 19 BBY (2021-present)

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story, 13-10 BBY (2018)

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi series, 9 BBY (2022)

  • Star Wars Rebels series, 5-1 BBY (2014-2018)

  • Andor series, 5 BBY (2022-present)

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, 0 BBY/0 ABY (2016)

  • Episode IV: A New Hope, 0 BBY/0 ABY (1977)

  • Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, 3 ABY (1980)

  • Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, 4 ABY (1983)

  • The Mandalorian series, 9 ABY (2019-present)

  • The Book of Boba Fett series, 8 ABY (2021-present)

  • Star Wars Resistance animated series, 34 ABY (2018-2022)

  • Episode VII: The Force Awakens, 34 ABY (2015)

  • Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, 34 ABY (2017)

  • Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, 35 ABY (2019)

  • Star Wars Forces of Destiny series, 22 BBY-35 ABY (2017-2018)

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