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When you’re hiring en masse, you need to be able to create a good chunk of job listings without immediately blowing your hiring budget. That can be difficult when you’re also trying to cast a wide net and hire from a diverse candidate pool. The good news is that you can easily reach top talent through posting on the best job sites for employers — you just need to know where to look.

Wondering where to post jobs for free? Not only do online job search sites like ZipRecruiter have millions of monthly visitors, many will let you post for a wide variety of roles, or even let you post for the same kind of role multiple times. This makes volume hiring easier when the cost for posting jobs is low and or even free. The best sites for volume hiring will also help facilitate the hiring process even further with free intelligent recruiting software, sponsored job posts and company branding services.

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Standing out from the competition online doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive, especially if you’re hiring for a plethora of positions and want to get in front of as many potential candidates as possible. These are free job sites, or sites with free trials, where you can be purposeful for how you choose to promote your new job listing and acquire as many relevant applications as possible for mass hiring. Here’s what you need to know.

1. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter works best for mass hiring thanks to their powerful matching algorithm and AI technology to create instant matches between your listings and the right candidates out a massive pool. Using information about a job seeker’s skills (such as education, skills, and experience), it can connect all kinds of businesses with millions of potential employees currently on the web through their browser site, mobile app, and email program.

We like that it works well with repeated job postings (some sites require you to sponsor new postings separately), and ZipRecruiter‘s “Invite to Apply” finds candidates for open roles even before they apply. The tool shows employers detailed information about the candidate, including experience, education, veteran status, certifications, and a rating indicating how strong a match they are for the role, which is great when you’re wading through a lot of information.

There’s two plans available, a Standard and Premium job listing plan. While they don’t list their official pricing online, the Standard plan is for more budget-friendly hiring, but you can always try this #1 rated hiring site free with ZipRecruiter’s free trial plan.

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2. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most popular job posting site in the world, and for good reason — it’s free to post job listings to their site. While Indeed started out as a job listing aggregator, they now offer more tools for businesses to directly create no-cost job postings.

One of the most enticing pros to using Indeed is that they offer a huge resume database, and according to their website, claim to receive over 180 million unique visitors per month. You’ll be casting a pretty wide net with this service, which makes it one of the best sites for volume hiring.

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3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn might be the largest social network for professionals, but you can also easily leverage it to use for filling your open positions. Thanks to the huge reach and number of active users, it’s a great database for hiring multiple candidates at once. Not to mention, LinkedIn features a spectrum of job posting options.

The site offers LinkedIn Limited Listings which are free job posts aggregated by LinkedIn from job boards across the internet, so any job seekers on LinkedIn can apply through the links.

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4. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is one of the most trusted sites if you’re looking to fill a lot of positions fast, and for free. Their platform distributes your free job listings to over 100 job boards (including Indeed), and connects employers with 30 million job seekers per month.

What makes it work so well for volume hiring it’s free to post a job on SimplyHired, so you’re going to be able to find a large pool of applicants. Just not that they work in a “pay-per-contact” model, where you’ll have to pay to contact applicants you want to continue forward with after you’ve reviewed their applications and resumes. The price starts at $4.99 per applicant, but varies based on the job titles and industry you’re hiring in.

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5. Glassdoor

We recommend combining your Indeed usage with Glassdoor, since the two partner together for listing Indeed job posts on Glassdoor for free. But Glassdoor has the analytical tools to determine who your target market is, candidate demographics, and how potential candidates are engaging with your job listings. You can use all this information to your advantage to tailor your brand’s profile and your job listings with specific keywords, and even use social media to your advantage.

The platform has several plans, but the Standard and Select plans include insights about where the followers of your company are located, keyword analysis of reviews, and comparisons to your competitors. Use the site’s add-on targeted advertising option to display your job postings for top talent, with the right kind of messaging (i.e. mentioning the job is hiring in a specific location).

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