Where Is ‘Married to Real Estate’ Filmed? Location of Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson’s Show Revealed

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HGTV’s Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson are a shining example for couples aspiring to work together. The realtor and the contractor have been starring on the hit show Married to Real Estate, dishing out useful real estate expertise for their clients in a prime location.

Where Is 'Married to Real Estate' ​Filmed?

Married to Real Estate is filmed in Georgia, and has featured the neighborhoods of Marietta Square, Grant Park and Brookhaven, among others.

The premise of the show centers around helping their clients find the perfect home in their dream neighborhood at the right price. With some impressive renovations to the properties, the pair have demonstrated that any dream can be achieved even with a tight budget.

“What I have learned in marriage that has helped us in business is growth,” Mike told Essence in May 2023 of working on the show with his wife. “Allowing each other to grow and understanding that you will grow. The person that you met a year ago may be different from who they are today. You have to keep open communication and find out what you can do to better experience your spouse. It’s a continuous discussion through growth.”

Where Do Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson Live?

The series was renewed for season 3, airing in late 2023, with fans delighted to see more of the couple on their screens. Outside of working on the program, Egypt and Mike live in a gorgeous Atlanta home, which has been featured on Married to Real Estate a number of times.

Egypt absolutely loves the abode she shares with Mike and their kids, Harper, Kendall and eldest daughter Simone from Mike’s previous relationship. She admitted that she would be willing to ditch the city for a home in the countryside in the future. The real estate broker has grown an affinity for gardening and spending more time outdoors.

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson sit in chairs on stage
Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson sit in chairs on stage

“I’m out there in the garden with my Bob Marley [music]. I have discovered I have a farmer in me,” she told Realtor.com in December 2023. “I love to garden and farm. My desire is to do smart farming. I grow carrots, herbs, tomatoes, peppers — we actually picked fruit from my trees just this week — lemons, oranges and peaches. It is so fulfilling. I grew up in the city, so I had a black thumb. I never thought I could have such a green thumb. And when I say I love it, I see myself selling everything, moving and having a farm. I love it that much!”

The future remains bright for Egypt and Mike, who have cemented themselves as one of the most beloved couples on HGTV.

“We fell in love renovating a property in Newark, New Jersey, on a rooftop when my foot went through the roof because I thought I could tar a roof myself,” she told The Atlanta-Journal Constitution of their whirlwind romance in January 2022. “We’ve been inseparable ever since. We have three girls. It’s safe to say we’ve been working together since day one in some capacity.”