Where Is Grenada? Everything You Need To Know About The Below Deck Season 11 Location

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Ever since the first Below Deck yacht docked for the first time off of the coast of the Caribbean in 2013, the locations have been nothing short of beautiful. And in the past 11 seasons, they have only continued to get better and more picturesque, this time landing the crew in Grenada.

The OG Below Deck made its return to TV screens on Feb. 5 for Season 11, with Captain Kerry Titheradge at the helm of the St. David, joined by returning crew members Ben Willoughby and Fraser Olender, as well as new additions Cat Baugh, Barbara "Barbie" Pascual, Anthony Iracane, Sunny Marquis, Xandi Olivier, and Kyle Stillie on the yacht.

There are a lot of changes in store this season for Captain Kerry, who has traded the fjords of Norway on Below Deck Adventurefor the crystal blue waters of Grenada with the St. David, which is a new location for the Below Deck franchise.

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Read on to learn more about the location and what Captain Kerry has to say about it.

Where is Grenada?

Grenada is an island country that is 30 miles away from the Grenadines island chain located in the West Indies, according to Island Routes. It is located only 125 miles north of Venezuela has its sister islands, Carriacou and Petit Martinique close by, according to International Living

Grenada is nicknamed the "Spice Isle," according to the BBC, due to its production of many spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.

Grenada also boasts a lush climate of fertile valleys​​​​​ and rain forests, according to the BBC, and its sandy beaches and tropical climate make it a hot spot for tourists. Grenada is an "introvert's island," according to Trip Advisor, as it's possible to take a long stroll on the beach without seeing a soul.

But, this location also allows for visitors to do plenty of exploring, snorkeling, and diving.

However, Grenada should not be confused with Granada, a city in Spain that sits at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Mourne Rouge Beach on the Island of Grenada.
Mourne Rouge Beach on the Island of Grenada.

Waves and sand on Mourne Rouge Beach on the Island of Grenada.

Photo: Jeff R Clow/Getty Images

Captain Kerry Titheradge Teases "Twists and Turns" on Below Deck Season 11

Captain Kerry Titheradge on Grenada Featured on Below Deck

Captain Kerry revealed at BravoCon 2023 that he was happy to head to the Caribbean for Season 11, as it is where he has spent most of his career. But, he told The Daily Dish that he experienced quite a few differences in location from where he was docked on Below Deck Adventure.

"Grenada's very different from Norway," he said. "In Norway, [the water is] super deep everywhere and there are so many mountains that go up [and] go down, as well. To find a place to anchor is challenging because the water's so deep."

But, the Caribbean can be just as challenging because, he noted, "there's rocks everywhere and reefs." "It's kind of a funny place to anchor, but [there are] more things to hit."

The harbor of St. George on Grenada.
The harbor of St. George on Grenada.

St. George is the capital of Grenada, which is where Below Deck Season 11 is docked.

Photo: Orietta Gaspari/Getty Images

St. David Yacht in the carribean ocean during Season 11 of Below Deck
St. David Yacht in the carribean ocean during Season 11 of Below Deck

The Below Deck Season 11 yacht, The St. David. Photo: Bravo

Viewers can see a taste of all of the challenges and successes that docking in Grenada brings to the Below Deck Season 11 cast in the trailer above.

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