Where Are George And Cindy Anthony Now After The Casey Anthony Trial?

With the premiere of the Peacock docuseries “Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies” on Nov. 29, the infamous Florida mother acquitted 11 years ago of murdering her toddler daughter, Caylee Anthony, is back in the spotlight.

So are her parents, George and Cindy Anthony, who were intricately entangled in the high-profile case described as another “trial of the century.”

The couple’s relationship with Casey was fractured when she was charged in the death of 2-year-old Caylee, who vanished in June 2008. Caylee’s body was discovered six months later in the woods near her Florida home.

The child’s skeletal remains were found with duct tape on the face, according to the official autopsy report.

Casey Anthony was tried and found not guilty of murder. However, she was convicted of providing false information to law enforcement investigating the child’s disappearance.

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During the exclusive three-part Peacock documentary, Casey Anthony, now 36, tells her side of the story in her first on-camera interview since the trial concluded. Her parents, however, have declined the documentary’s request for comment.

George and Cindy Anthony, who had helped raise Caylee, have been part of the story since it began. Cindy Anthony was the one who notified police that Caylee was missing on July 15, 2008, weeks after the girl was said to have been last seen on June 16, according to foxnews.com.

George Anthony and Cindy Anthony listen to proceedings in court
George Anthony and Cindy Anthony listen to proceedings in court

George Anthony and Cindy Anthony listen to proceedings in court, Friday, March 4, 2011, during the third day hearings for Casey Anthony murder trial. Photo: Getty Images

Casey cut off contact with her parents while in jail, according to another Reuters report. During the court proceedings, Casey Anthony’s defense team alleged that George Anthony helped dispose of Caylee’s body after she accidentally drowned in the family pool.

“Lead defense attorney Jose Baez suggested that the little girl drowned and that Casey’s father, George Anthony, helped cover that up — and sexually abused his daughter,” reported the New York Post.

George Anthony vigorously denied the allegations.

Handouts of Melissa Hightower from NCMEC
Handouts of Melissa Hightower from NCMEC

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On the witness stand, George testified that he bought a gun with the intention of using it to force an explanation of what happened to Caylee from his daughter’s friends, Reuters reported in June 2011. He also testified that he tried to die by suicide after his granddaughter’s remains were found.

Cindy also took to the witness stand, reported People in March 2022. She testified that she had carried out incriminating computer searches that were being blamed on Casey.

Later, Cindy would say her daughter “put us through hell,” according to the outlet.

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"She is still angry a lot of the time," a family source told the outlet. "This was a loving grandmother who had to withstand family trauma that no one should ever have to deal with. So when she starts talking about Casey and Caylee, she gets really upset, even now."

The same source said Cindy and Casey, while estranged, did occasionally communicate.

As for George, he has expressed hope for a reunion with Casey. A year after his near-fatal car crash in November 2018, George Anthony wrote a letter to his infamous daughter “seeking reconciliation,” People reported in October 2019.

To learn more about this controversial murder case and the people involved in it, watch the Peacock docuseries “Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies,” airing November 29.