‘Where’s That Baby’s Mama’: Folks Are Outraged After a Baby Is Seen Crowd-Surfing at Flo Rida Concert

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Social media users have voiced their outrage after a viral video showed a baby being crowd-surfed at a Flo Rida concert.

The Miami rapper headlined the second day of the three-day Celebrate Erie Festival in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Saturday, Aug. 19. In a video posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, viewers can see Flo Rida sitting on a man’s shoulders while rapping his 2009 hit song “Low.”

The camera pans around during his performance as an infant child makes his way through the crowd. Baby boy could be seen getting passed over the heads and with the help of other concertgoers until he finally reached the hip-hop artist.

Flo Rida acted quickly by picking up the child as he continued to rap the lyrics to his song. At one point in the video he can even be seen holding his microphone up to the child’s lips.

Folks are outraged after a baby is seen crowd-surfing at a Flo Rida concert.
Folks are outraged after a baby is seen crowd-surfing at a Flo Rida concert. (Pictured: @official_flo/Instagram)

In another clip, the “My House” artist was captured performing his 2015 hit “GDFR” onstage while a man held the kid above his head, seemingly recreating the iconic scene from “The Lion King.”

“He went real Simba Display with a random baby. This is a different level of wilding out.”

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The viral recording has fellow X users voicing their displeasure with the “disgusting” actions of the baby’s guardian.

“Begging y’all to stop doing this. This is child endangerment for so many reasons.”

“This is so disgusting and dangerous for the baby’s life, Why even bring babies to concerts? Like so many things could go wrong in such a big crowd!!”

“Hello, Child Protective Services please!”

“Where’s that baby’s mama?”

“The baby being crowd surfed to Flo Rida as Flo Rida himself is literally straddling someone’s shoulders is strange.”

While the 43-year-old has not yet addressed the backlash about the baby, he did recently come to a child support agreement for his disabled son, Zohar Paxton Dillard. Flo Rida shares the 6-year-old with ex-Alexis Adams.

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The autistic child recently suffered major injuries after falling from his mother’s fifth-story apartment window in New Jersey back in March. Two months after the freak accident, the entertainer agreed to pay Adams $14,000 a month in child support.

Flo Rida was also instructed to pay an additional $2,212 a month for Zohar’s health insurance. Adams was ordered to receive a one-time payment of $188,000, and lastly, the “My House” lyricist was instructed to set up a $300,000 escrow account for Paxton’s needs that will reportedly be renewed every September.

This means the “Low” rapper will be paying an annual amount of $500,000 in child support.