Where’s Austin From Selling The OC Now? Here’s if He’s Still Married After Sean’s Threesome Claims

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After Sean accused him of asking for a threesome with him and his wife, fans have had endless questions over where Austin from Selling The OC is now and whether he’s still married to his wife following his co-worker’s rumor about his sexuality.

Selling The OC is Netflix’s reality TV series following the personal and professional lives of real estate agents at the luxury brokerage, The Oppenheim Group, in Orange County, California. The series is a spin-off of Selling Sunset, which follows agents at The Oppenheim Group’s office in Los Angeles.

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Austin Victoria is an original cast member on Selling The OC, along with Polly Brindle, Kayla Cardona, Alex Hall, Gio Helou, Alexandra Jarvis, Brandi Marshall, Alexandra Rose, Tyler Stanaland, and Sean Palmieri. Austin had a supporting role in Seasons 1 and 2 of Selling The OC, however, he stepped into the center of the drama in Season 3 after Sean’s accusations that Austin asked him for a threesome with him and his wife, Lisa Victoria. So what happened to Austin from Selling The OC and is he still married to his wife? Read on for what we know about where Austin from Selling The OC is now and the major marriage update he shared.

What happened with Austin from Selling The OC?

Austin - Selling The Oc
Austin - Selling The Oc

What happened with Austin from Selling The OC? Most of Austin Victoria’s storyline on Selling The OC Season 3 revolved around his feud with co-star Sean Palmieri over Sean’s accusation that Austin and his wife, Lisa Victoria, asked him to have a threesome. “I do think that him and his wife are a bit too flirty for my taste sometimes,” Sean told other Oppenheim Group agents about a time he was at Austin and Lisa’s house. “They’re a little bit flirty. First off, this guy’s married. My headspace would never think to go there.”

Sean continued in a confessional interview, “I’m not here to judge underlying parts of someone’s relationship. You can be open, you can do whatever you want. I’m not here to judge. But he has been very interesting towards me in the past. He has made moves on me. If your wife is touching me, saying, ‘You’re my favourite in the office.’ That could lead to hints. I choose to stay away from these situations.”

Austin and Lisa, for their part, also discussed the hangout with Sean in their own scene, where they claimed that nothing inappropriate happened. “I don’t really talk to [Sean] anymore. I don’t know if it’s true… but remember that night when we invited Sean over? You made cookies that night. So he came over, we cooked him dinner, we played Oculus… and then he went home. Apparently his story is much different,” Austin said.

Austin continued, “His story is he came over, we ‘drugged him’ with marijuana cookies and tried to have a three-way with him. That pisses me off. My daughters are upstairs. That guy has some sick shit going on in his head to even come up with that scenario.” Lisa added, “We’ve never had a three-way, and it’s not going to be with you, Sean.”

Later in Selling The OC Season 3, Sean and Austin’s feud came to a head when Austin confronted Sean about his claim at The Oppnenheim Group office. “You told me when we were friends, you gave me all this stuff you and your wife were into. I don’t care if you’re doing foursomes, flipping… You made a move, and you’re made that I’m not into it,” Sean told Austin, who responded, “I’ve never had a threesome! You’re disgusting. You think everyone hits on you. I would never want to hit on you. You’re the last person I would ever hit on. My fucking kids were upstairs.” Sean replied, “You hit on me. You said, ‘If I wasn’t married, the things I would do… I said, ‘Austin, I’m not here for this.’ You told me you and your wife were experimenting, and you were open to certain things.”

In Selling The OC Season 3 finale, Sean confronts Austin again for denying the rumors at a horse race, where he gets into another fight with Austin, as well as Tyler, whom he claims also sent him inappropriate texts. The fight ended with Sean walking out while telling Tyler, “I didn’t want it to end like this, man.”

Where’s Austin from Selling The OC now?

Austin - Selling The OC
Austin - Selling The OC

Where’s Austin from Selling The OC now? Austin Victoria still works at The Oppenheim Group and is still married to his wife, Lisa Victoria, at the time of writing this. Austin and Lisa, who started dating when they were both 16 years old, married in 2018. They share twin daughters Hazel and Lila. They welcomed their third child and first son, Aeson Quade, on Thursday, April 25, 2024, at 8:32 p.m. PST, just a week before the premiere of Selling The OC Season 3.

“I was 16 when I found my first dream boy and now we have made our own,” Lisa told People at the time. “My heart is exploding and I am so excited for our little Aeson to complete our crew.“ Austin added that it was “emotional” leading up to his son’s birth. “We are over the moon in love with our new baby boy — he’s perfect,” he said. “And daddy finally got a son!” Sean continued of his other children, “I love my girls so much, and they are growing up so fast. They are no longer the babies in the house that they once were.”

He also confirmed to People that Lisa welcomed their son via a natural birth. “I am so incredibly proud of my wife,” Austin said “She decided to go all natural using no meds and giving birth the old-fashioned way. It was intense and beautiful all at the same time. I’m convinced women have superpowers.”

As for where he stands with Sean, Austin told Us Weekly in May 2024 that Sean, who left The Oppenheim Group in November 2024, made the work environment “toxic.” “It felt like when he was there I couldn’t be there. Some of us didn’t want to be there when he was there. If we had events or anything,” he said. “It was kind of like we’re trying to keep ourselves separate because I don’t want that in my life. I have enough going on. I’m a father, I’m a husband, and I am growing my business. That’s what my focus is on, and I don’t need to deal with lies and rumors.”

Austin also claimed that Sean told other co-workers that he was upset over the lack of camera time he got on the series compared to other agents. “He had mentioned to numerous people in the office that he didn’t get screen time, season one and season 2 ,” Austin said. “I know Sean was going through some stuff I know financially as well. So I was there for him, his friend, he opened up to me [on] numerous occasions and unfortunately, I became the target.” Both Sean and Austin do not follow each other on Instagram.

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