'Wheel of Fortune' fans upset after contestant wins on technically incorrect answer

You can’t please all the people all the time. Wheel of Fortune fans reminded us of that adage on Thursday, after a rule gaffe caused a minor uproar. Normally, fans bemoan the show for being too stringent with the rules, but this time they were upset because an answer may have been technically incorrect.

During the final regulation puzzle of Thursday’s show, contestant Steven Page solved the puzzle “Quality Craftsmanship.” However, Page appeared to leave the “s” out of “craftsmanship." Viewers on Twitter were quick to notice.

Page won $9,000 for solving the puzzle, which most likely would have gone to the next contestant, Lisa Volivitch, had he been buzzed. The win also helped Page narrowly defeat contestant Christina Maril and advance to the bonus round.

For years, fans have been trying to overturn the “and” rule which has cost several contestants dearly. By not enforcing the rule on pronunciation, some fans thought the show lacked consistency.

Regardless, both Maril and Volivitch said they had a good time, and they both went home with some money in their pockets. As for Page, he did not successfully solve the bonus puzzle but he still finished a champion — despite how a few people on Twitter felt.

Wheel of Fortune is a syndicated show which airs weekdays. Please visit the show’s site for local listings of time and channel.

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