'Wheel of Fortune' contestants struggle multiple times to solve seemingly easy puzzle

Another week, another Wheel of Fortune gaffe. Wednesday’s show featured a trio of contestants who apparently were not familiar with recreational vessels.

The puzzle answer was “renting a pedal boat.” With the T, E, and L missing, the first contestant guessed “renting a paddle boat.” Obviously paddle has too many letters, so that did not work.

After correctly guessing the missing T and E, the puzzle on the board read, “renting a peda* boat.” That’s when the train started coming off the tracks. The next guess was again “paddle,” and again was wrong. The two subsequent guesses were “pedam” and “pedaw.”

Fortunately, it only took five guess before it was determined that the correct word was “pedal.” The gaffe comes just a week after another viral struggle by contestants. Some viewers took to social media to question the recent trend of struggling contestants.

The last time there was a gaffe like this, Pat Sajak asked fans to “have a little heart” and be kinder to the contestants. Perhaps he will respond to this incident as well?

Wheel of Fortune is a syndicated show which airs weekdays. Please visit the show’s site for local listings of time and channel.

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