'Wheel of Fortune' contestant's hilarious incorrect guess has fans cracking up

Thursday marked the 47th anniversary of Wheel of Fortune and a contestant named Shafi — who plenty on social media thought sounded just like actor Joe Pesci — had a roller-coaster game, including an epic guessing mishap.

At one point during the show, which first hit the airwaves on Jan. 6, 1975, the category was “Song Lyrics” and the puzzle on the board was showing:


That’s when Shafi guessed, “This band has made for you and me.” And of course plenty of viewers called out the “straight fail” on Twitter with comments like, “We may need to implement some sort of test for contestants hereafter.” One person even inputting Shafi’s guess as the new lyrics in Woodie Guthrie’s seminal “This Land Is Your Land” — on which the puzzle was based.

But as that latter commenter pointed out, the joke was on us, because Shafi ended up making his way to the bonus round, and winning. So he may have walked away from the game maybe feeling slightly embarrassed, but he had to have been feeling satisfied with $71,150 in total winnings.

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Watch how the awkward moments added up for one celebrity on Wheel of Fortune:

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