‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant overcomes funny gaffe with positive attitude

On Thursday, USC student Nico Fife had a memorable performance on Wheel of Fortune: College Week. The college junior who is majoring in theatre and minoring in psychology appeared to be well on his way to solving a puzzle, until he wasn’t.

Having already guessed two correct letters, Fife was faced with the puzzle reading “LEAVING MY LA_TO_ AT HOME.” He guessed “F” but the letter was “P,” as in “leaving my laptop at home.”

The gaffe stunned viewers, who took to Twitter to talk about the surprising letter choice. Fife was a good sport about it, in fact he even retweeted one viewer who wrote, “Something tells me Nico will see a lot of F's in his college career.”

Even though Fife missed out on solving the puzzle, he still finished in second place and went home with $9,450 in prizes.

Wheel of Fortune is a syndicated show which airs weekdays. Please visit the show’s site for local listings of time and channel.

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