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'Wheel of Fortune' celebrates its first $100,000 bonus round winner of the season

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It was a big night on Wheel of Fortune Tuesday, when Los Angeles-based contestant Ilene Knebel became the first $100,000 Bonus Round winner of Season 39, triggering confetti to rain down on the set.

After solving the final puzzle, host Pat Sajak opened the golden envelope to reveal that Knebel had won the highest Bonus Round prize possible – $100,000. Viewers were so excited for Ilene following her big win, particularly because she seems to be an all-around great person.

Earlier in the interview portion of the show, Knebel shared that she has worked for the city of Beverly Hills for 25 years, she has been married for over 20 years, has three adult children and, on the side, does a lot of volunteer work. She also mentors girl scouts and delivers groceries to homebound people on the weekends. On top of all of that, Knebel said she has been auditioning to become a contestant on Wheel of Fortune for at least 30 years.

Weirdly, after winning big, what was Ilene's request? Well, some may be surprised to learn that the first thing Knebel wanted to do was clean up the confetti.

During the close, Sajak said the first thing Knebel asked after the confetti came down was "Where's the broom? I want to clean up." So, following the commercial break, Sajak had a broom in hand as he told Knebel to "start sweeping."

Video Transcript

PAT SAJAK: All right. Around the house is a category. 10 seconds to try to tell us what's up there. Good luck.

ILENE KNEBEL: Quilted bedspread.

PAT SAJAK: That is it.

KYLIE MAR: It was a celebration on "Wheel of Fortune," Tuesday, when Ilene Knebel from Los Angeles became the first $100,000 bonus round winner of this season.

PAT SAJAK: All right, Ilene, here comes a mountain of cash, $100,000. Wow. What happened?

ILENE KNEBEL: Oh my god.

PAT SAJAK: How did that Happen?

KYLIE MAR: Ileen went into the bonus round with $12,000. And while it wasn't the largest amount compared to contestants before her, it didn't really matter since she had just the right spin, landing on the highest bonus round prize possible.

PAT SAJAK: A $112,000. How are you doing, Ilene?

- Congratulations.

PAT SAJAK: She's not talking or anything. She's just-- she's screaming into her hands. That's all. Maybe she'll talk after we take a quick break and come back and do our close.

KYLIE MAR: Viewers, we're so excited for Ileen. Following her big win Tuesday like this person who tweeted, I am so happy for Ileen. That is a big win. Another viewer simply shared congrats Ileen on that great $100,000 win. And in the end, host Pat Sajak hilariously made Ileen work just a little bit more for that $100,000.

PAT SAJAK: And the first thing she said after the confetti came, she said where's the broom? I want to clean up. Here you go.

ILENE KNEBEL: It's true. OK.

PAT SAJAK: Go sweeping, Ileen. Go ahead. Go for it. Go, go, go. Don't just stand there. Congratulations again. Got work-- she's got work to do. We'll see you next time.