What's Next for 'The Flash'? 5 Game-Changing Revelations From 'The Trap'!

Warning: Huge spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of The Flash. Do not proceed if you haven’t watched! If you have, proceed!

Holy Flash!

The Flash has prided itself on shocking twists and jaw-dropping turns, but The CW’s hit comic book drama turned it up another notch with Tuesday’s illuminating episode, “The Trap.” The episode picked up immediately after last week’s installment, with Team Flash discovering Dr. Wells’ “time vault.”

It’s a telling article in the Central City newspaper revealing The Flash’s alleged fate in 2024 that piques their curiosity, leading them on a dangerous quest to find out just what exactly is going on with Wells. A plan is concocted by the team to bring Wells down, using Cisco to revisit a deadly scenario (think Inception). It was all going according to plan – Barry Allen and Co. had nearly every aspect of their “trap” set – but as they quickly learn, you can’t exactly win against a clever speedster like Wells.

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Unfortunately, Wells was one step ahead of Team Flash all along. The “Wells” they thought they narrowly defeated wasn’t Wells after all – it was Hannibal Bates (aka the shape-shifting Everyman), the metahuman they locked up in the Pipeline just an episode ago. Where is Wells? Elsewhere. Just as Eddie is about to propose to Iris, Reverse Flash interrupts their near-perfect moment, kidnapping Eddie away and leaving The Flash to save Iris, who may have finally learned Barry’s superhero identity. 

With a promise for an impending battle between Barry (with the help of some friends, ahem, the Arrow and Firestorm) and Reverse Flash after the latter revealed his drive was to kill Barry, it’s fair to say The Flash will never be the same again. ETonline highlights five other big moments from Tuesday’s episode.

1. Barry finds out he marries Iris

April 25, 2024 has been a date of significance since The Flash’s debut, as it’s the date on the article detailing The Flash’s disappearance. But upon closer investigation of the article, most notably its byline, Barry learns one more life-changing piece of intel: he and Iris marry in the future, and she hyphenates her last name (Iris West-Allen)! (By the way, who is Jewish?) Barry also learns that he is later promoted to Director of the CSI division at the Central City Police Department and becomes aware of potential suit upgrades that pique Cisco’s interest.

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2. Joe is a not-so-secret West-Allen ‘shipper

Speaking of wedding bells, Eddie does the gentlemanly thing, asking Joe for permission to marry Iris – only he’s not expecting his CCPD partner to be so adamantly against the idea of him and Iris getting married. Ouch. Eddie even turns to Barry, who has one of the best under-the-breath zingers after Eddie pronounces how “Iris Thawne” has a nice ring to it: “I have a feeling she’s going to want to hyphenate...”

3. Gideon’s surprising origins are revealed

If you thought Gideon, the futuristic A.I. that is Wells’ key to communicating from the future, you’d be wrong. Shockingly, it’s future Barry who created the future A.I. And that’s not all, we see Gideon in a brand-new form!

4. Eddie Thawne discovers he’s related to Wells

Ah yes, it’s a special kind of family reunion between Eddie and Wells, who he learns is Eobard Thawne. We’re not sure what the Thawne connection means for the Eddie, but it’s becoming quite clear to Eddie that his life is about to get a whole lot more complicated. Here's a question: Why is Eobard so set on using Eddie as his insurance policy, so to speak?

5. Iris figures out Barry is The Flash

Iris’ journalistic endeavors at Central City Picture News pay off in spades when she shares her theory that the particle accelerator explosion that turned Barry into The Flash was the cause of many recent, previously unexplainable incidents. Her investigative prowess shines through, but it’s not until she’s saved by The Flash and a surge of lightning passes from his hand to hers that clues her in on the identity of the scarlet speedster: “Barry?”

There are so many things to talk ab out from tonight’s The Flash! What was the most shocking moment? Tell us your thoughts by tweeting Philiana Ng at @insidethetube on Twitter!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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