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What to Stream: Three Feel-Good Movies From 2016

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2016 has been one of the most turmoil-filled years in recent memory. Regardless of how you view recent events in the United States and abroad, you will probably agree these have been trying times. That’s why this week we’re suggesting three feel-good movies, all released in 2016, to give you a moment to be happy, dang it.

Eddie the Eagle

Hugh Jackman and Targon Egerton
Hugh Jackman and Targon Egerton. (Larry Horricks/TM and Twentieth Century Fox Film)

Have you ever wondered what Rudy would be like if it was more…”British-y”? No, well, too bad, because the answer to that pondry is this fun sports film starring up-and-comer Taron Egerton and your boy Hugh Jackman. Based on the real life story of Olympic ski jumper Michael “Eddie” Edwards, this film covers the traditional beats of a plucky underdog sports plot, but it does it well. Eddie the Eagle is available on Amazon.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Julian Dennison and Sam Neill in Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Julian Dennison and Sam Neill in Hunt for the Wilderpeople (The Orchard /Courtesy Everett Collection)

Before you see his upcoming blockbuster, Thor: Ragnarok, you should acquaint yourself with New Zealand-born director Taika Waititi and this comedic offering. Shot in that beautiful country on the other side of the world, Sam Neill of Jurassic Park fame and scene-stealer Julian Dennison star as a reluctant foster parent and not-entirely-troubled youth who take to the wild forest to escape the capture of the police and Kiwi version of Child Protective Services. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is available on iTunes.

Sing Street

The cast of Sing Street
The cast of Sing Street (The Weinstein Company /Courtesy Everett Collection)

And finally, an offering from the same director who brought you Once, John Carney. Set in 1980’s Dublin, Carney assembled a fine cast of young actors who who form a band when the new kid in their school wants to impress a young lady. Featuring catchy original music, this might be your best bet all year to have a few moments of just pure fun. Sing Street is available on YouTube.

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