What the What? Celebrate Ten Years of ‘30 Rock’ With Liz Lemon’s Best Moments

30 Rock is 10 years old! What the what!? We were going to throw a surprise party, but “there’s nothing worse than a surprise Lemon Party.”

Creator Tina Fey originally pitched a show about a news producer who is forced to work for a right-wing pundit, but NBC suggested that Fey’s own experience as head writer of Saturday Night Live would be more fertile ground for a series. They were right, and 30 Rock was born!

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Today, October 11, 2016, marks the tenth anniversary of the world’s introduction to the hilarious Liz Lemon, lover of night cheese, Cheesy Blasters (thanks, Meat Cat!), and SANDWICH DAY!

Here are Lemon’s best moments from seven seasons of 30 Rock that’ll make you Liz yourself.

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