What Ronald Reagan's Cabinet from 'Back to the Future' Would've Looked Like

·Senior Correspondent, Yahoo Entertainment

Today’s celebration of #BacktoFutureDay has been all about Back to the Future Part II and the crazy predictions it imagined by the year 2015: hoverboards, Jaws 19, a Chicago Cubs World Series win, etc.

But let’s flash back, for a moment, to the original Back to the Future — specifically, the scene in which Marty McFly (Matthew J. Fox) informs Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) that he’s traveled back in time from the year 1985.

It’s 1955, and Doc is flabbergasted to hear Marty claim that Ronald Reagan, the actor, has become President of the United States in the year he comes from. “Then who’s vice president? Jerry Lewis?,” he eggs on sarcastically. “I suppose Jane Wyman is the First Lady!… And Jack Benny is secretary of the treasury.”

Hey, in a country where the Austrian bodybuilder-turned-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger can be Governor of California and the real estate mogul/reality-TV star Donald Trump is a shockingly strong contender to be president, anything can happen.

So to help wrap up our celebration of #BacktoFuture Day, here’s what Doc Brown’s idea of a Ronald Reagan White House would’ve looked like:

It actually doesn’t look too crazy. But we haven’t heard Vice President Lewis’s policies yet.

(Photo by Giana Mucci)