What It Costs To Bring Meryl Streep And Robert De Niro To TV

Are you a famous film actor who needs cash for your own island or maybe a jetski for your dog? Then, television is the payday for you! Streaming services are emptying their wallets to attract big names, as salaries skyrocket like never before.

According to a study in The Hollywood Reporter, Robert De Niro will make $750,000 for each of twenty episodes of a new Amazon series from David O. Russell. The pair previously made Joy and Silver Linings Playbook, two of the only positively reviewed movies in which De Niro has appeared in the last decade.

Meryl Streep has bested her former Deer Hunter costar with $825,000 per episode for The Nix, a J.J. Abrams produced project that doesn’t have a network attached and has nothing to do with Patrick Ewing.

Netflix is also besting broadcast in the comedy world, shelling out $20 million for each of two stand-up comedy specials from Chris Rock.

In the broadcast world, salaries are still rising as Kiefer Sutherland set a record for highest pay ever for a first-year broadcast network series: According to the Hollywood Reporter, $300,000 per episode of ABC’s Designated Survivor. But the gamble paid off and the show is a hit.

A hit series will still net you the most pay as Sheldon and the gang on The Big Bang Theory make $1 million per episode. On The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln make $550,000 and $650,000 for this season and next. And just like at most awards shows, Game of Thrones sweeps this category too. Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, and Kit Harington all make $1.1 million per episode.

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