What Is Tomorrowland Exactly? George Clooney Spills the Secret! (Exclusive)


The veil of mystery surrounding Disney’s upcoming adventure film starring George Clooney is being lifted right here, right now in this exclusive featurette for Tomorrowland.

Writer and producer Damon Lindelof (best known for co-creating ABC’s Lost with J.J. Abrams) says it off the bat: Tomorrowland is a “secret society of geniuses… this beautiful, gleaming metropolis.” Clooney explains further, calling it “a place where the ideas of science and exploration are able to grow to make the world better.” It’s also pretty difficult to find it on a map, according to director Brad Bird (Up, The Incredibles).

Indeed, Casey, played by Britt Robertson, is mysteriously teleported there when she touches a pin. While we’ve gathered this bit from the teasers for the film, we learn here she discovers a stockpile of new technologies at the time- and space-bending city.

What remains unknown is the nature of the threat to the contemporary world — a threat so terrible it necessitated the creation of the utopian Tomorrowland.

You can find out for yourself when the film, which also stars Hugh Laurie, Kathryn Hahn, Judy Greer, and country singer Tim McGraw, transports into theaters on May 22.