'Westworld' Brings New Characters and Plot Twists

A visitor chugged into Sunday’s Westworld to play a cowboy in the ultra-realistic virtual sandbox game. We saw William arrive at the compound. He was greeted by a beautiful female host and taken to a room with western wardrobe, guns, and anything else one would need in the wild, wild west. He seemed to be one of the few visitors who didn’t instantly indulge himself in the debauchery of the western town.

Fittingly, he chose a good-guy white hat and set off into the park. William even helped an old man that had fallen off the wagon, to the chagrin of his friend.

While William was playing the good guy, the Man in Black (Ed Harris), shot his way through a town to get closer to a maze he was seeking. Terrifying to the hosts, the Man in Black killed without remorse and was not able to be stopped.

Though the Man in Black was impervious to bullets, Maeve wasn’t impervious the scrutiny of her brothel’s guests. With her ability to seduce compromised, she was taken to a lab to be cut open and examined. However, she woke up during the procedure, escaped, and happened upon a pile of naked and damaged hosts being carelessly tossed around like slaughtered animals. She was then subdued.

However, one of the more intriguing revelations was that Dr. Ford was working on a new storyline for the park that he described as “something quite original.”

Westworld airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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