West Wilson’s Summer House Scene With His Great Aunt Made Him Even Better

Photo by: Bryan Bedder/Bravo
Photo by: Bryan Bedder/Bravo

West Wilson of Summer House is on everyone’s radar, and it isn’t just because he is good-looking and has an alliterative name. It’s hard not just to keep saying, West Wilson, West Wilson, West Wilson! After a few seasons of lackluster men who seemed below the pay grade, West was the breath of fresh air that Bravo fans needed. The Midwestern man is kind, funny, intelligent, and knows how to treat a lady (which is always a plus). So imagine my swoon when I saw him hanging out in Central Park with his great aunt, getting advice.

Aunt knows best

We all know by now that Ciara Miller and West have something going on. But to bring up his crush to his family members seems pretty poignant. At this rate, it’s the equivalent of inviting Ciara home to the farm. While chilling in a tranquil spot of the 843-acre park, West opened up to his aunt, touching on how much he liked Ciara. The sports writer noted, “Uh, I like where it’s going. And it’s almost like, do I need to jump in? I think I always look for little things to like not date someone.” West’s aunt seemed amused by the trials of her nephew’s heart.

While sitting back in her sun lounger, the wise woman revealed, “You know what happens is you have to open yourself up to being hurt. You’ve never allowed yourself to get that far. Except maybe your high school girlfriend. Maybe that’s where you learned hurt.” West won another gold star from me when he answered, “Umm, you bring up a lot of good points.”

Wise words

After a moment of reflection, West went on to share that his last real relationship was when he was 20. The newest Summer House roomie revealed, “I’m not someone to hop into a relationship, especially one with a label real quick. I’m very okay with kind of taking things slow.” But the reality star’s aunt wasn’t letting him off so quickly, asking, “Don’t you want a good partner for the rest of your life?” West babbles about his commitment issues, but Auntie notes, “It’s life. It’s tough.”

We all need to hear these wise words sometimes, even when we don’t want to. Life isn’t always easy, and nothing is going to be given to you. In the wise words of Eric Matthews from Boy Meets World, “Life’s hard. Get a helmet.” West seemed to take the advice in stride, which showed he respects the thoughts of his elders. It was also nice to hear West’s views and gain a little insight into his past.

Ciara is catching feelings

During the same episode, fans could tell that Ciara was missing her weekend beau. The model took time to FaceTime him while he was away and genuinely seemed to want to spend her free time with him. Even Amanda Batula noted, “I think he acts differently with Ciara than with other people.” West is consistent. And Ciara desperately needs that, especially after her f*ckboy summer with Austen Kroll.

Austen used her for his own gain and left a trail of devastation in his wake. Naturally, Ciara is cautious because she doesn’t want to be embarrassed again. But I think our man West is winning her over thanks to his charming ways. Ciara needs some fun energy in her life, and West gives me young Robin Williams vibes, always wanting to make her laugh. West is an absolute doll, but this episode made me like him so much more, even though he was hardly in it.

I can’t get over how genuine, wholesome, and respectful this newbie is. I truly hope that West remains a fixture in the house because there is something so innocent about him that just screams REAL! He is not like the other guys in the best of ways. There is no doubt that West is the number one guy in the group and the sexiest Bravo man out there.


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