Werewolves Within trailer looks like Knives Out with a monster

What would Knives Out have looked like if its colorful cast of eccentric characters were hunting not a murderer but a monster? The result might resemble the new horror-comedy Werewolves Within, judging by the film's just-released trailer.

"Werewolves Within is essentially about a divided town that [gets] snowed in at the local lodge," filmmaker Josh Ruben, who directed last year's Scare Me, recently told EW. "The forest ranger, played by Sam Richardson, and the local postal worker, Milana Vayntrub, try to keep the peace while also figuring out what the hell is lurking in the shadows, terrorizing this town."

The list of werewolf-suspects is played by a murderers' row of comedy notables and familiar supporting players including Harvey Guillén, Cheyenne Jackson, George Basil, Michaela Watkins, Anni Krueger, Sarah Burns, Michael Chernus, Wayne Duvall, Catherine Curtin, and Rebecca Henderson. The film also features a notably hairy turn by Billions and Joker actor Glenn Fleshler.

"I loved that he was down for a beard and long hair," says Ruben. "He ended up looking like Jason Momoa."

Werewolves Within is written by Mishna Wolff and will screen at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival. The film is released in theaters on June 25 and on demand July 2.

Watch the trailer for Werewolves Within above and see the film's poster below.

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