Were Faith Evans and Notorious B.I.G Still Together When the Rapper Died?

The Notorious B.I.G, also known as Biggie Smalls, and Faith Evans were one of hip-hops hottest power couples. They were married in 1994 rather quickly, only knowing each other for eight days before tying the knot.

Hip-hop's hottest couple, at that time, were both a part of the same record label, Bad Boy Records. Bad Boy Records was the hottest record label back then. The couple actually met at a promotional photoshoot for the record label.

Evans was immediately attracted to B.I.G. According to her, his confidence in himself was the attraction. B.I.G was looking for a ride to Brooklyn and decided to ask her for one. She gave him a ride and the couple hit it off right away.

In an interview with Vibe Magazine, Biggie said that he fell fast and hard for Evans. He had this to say to the magazine.

“I married her after knowing her eight days and I was happy. That was my baby,” he said. At the same time, with us being so spontaneous, we did it backwards.”

The couple was not just considered hip-hops hottest power couple but more like hip-hop royalty. Because they both worked with the same record label, they were able to spend a lot of time together, both personally and professionally.

They both even worked with many of the same artists. Evans wrote many of Bad Boy Records' songs and even some of her husband's music was written by her.

Although the couple were inseparable at first and seemed to be madly in love, maybe they rushed into it a little too quickly. Just as fast as they got married, their relationship went downhill pretty fast afterward.

The major reason for the decline in their relationship and marriage was infidelity on B.I.G's part. Evans soon found out about her husband having an affair with fellow rapper, Lil Kim.

Notorious was pretty smart when covering up the affair, although wrong for doing it. His clever way to hide the fact that he was cheating on Faith with the female rapper, Lil Kim was to ask his wife to mentor his mistress by having her help her with her confidence as well as her image in the hip-hop community. Pretty smart on his part, although stupid too to do something like this to his spouse, right?

Once Evans did find out about the affair, she was not only embarrassed about it but she was also hurt, of course. The cheating Biggie did on Evans put a major strain on the relationship.

The affair with Lil Kim wasn't the only time Biggie cheated on his wife. He also had an affair with female rapper, Charlie Baltimore. Evans also found out about other women he was cheating with. Knowing that the affairs did happen should tell you what the state of their relationship was before and during his passing.

During the same interview with Vibe Magazine, Biggie also admitted that the couple did rush into the relationship and marriage too fast.

He said, “Maybe she won’t admit it, but I will. We should have got to know each other and then got married,”

“The relationship kind of dissolved, but we’re still going to be friends.”

Because of the multiple affairs her husband was having with other women, and right after the album Hit Em Up was released, the once hip-hop royalty, Faith Evans and Notorious B.I.G spent less and less time together and their relationship seemed to be fading out rather quickly. They soon began to be in an on-again and off-again kind of relationship and couldn't seem to find their way back to each other as they once were.

Biggie Small and Faith Evans spent one last Christmas together. However, Faith found out he was still seeing many different women behind her back and she couldn't get past the hurt and embarrassment this put on her. Evans even wrote about spending one last Christmas with her husband and about the affairs he was having in her memoir, 'Keep the Faith.'

Soon after all of this went down, Evans found out she was pregnant by B.I.G. However, he flat out denied that he was the father not only to her but to the public as well which put even more of a strain on their once loving relationship. Once the couple split for good, Evans met another man, Todd Russau who would eventually become husband number two for her.

Although he cheated on her multiple times during their marriage, she still loved him and he still had love for her. They spotted one another when attending the same party one evening at the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. Her friends saw him there too and asked her to go talk to Notorious. Although she admitted to seeing him too, she also admitted she was letting pride get in the way of her walking up to him and saying 'hi' at least.

However, one of B.I.G's people came up to her and said that Biggie sent him over to tell her hi and to say, "what's up?" to her. She told the friend and part of his entourage to say the same thing back to her former husband.

Not long after leaving the party, Evans heard about a nearby shooting that involved Biggie Small. She immediately stepped into wife mode and went straight to the hospital to find out that he had passed away. She had to identify his body since she was still married to him. She also took on the big responsibility of calling his mother to let her know the painful news about her only son. Evans played a big role in planning his funeral as well as his burial and even worked alongside P-Diddy in writing and performing the song they played tribute to B.I.G called, "I'll be Missing You" in 1997.