We're Confident You'll Love Demi Lovato's Modern California Home

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It's not a skyscraper, but Demi Lovato's modern California home is just as impressive.

The "Heart Attack" singer showed off her stylish house in an Architectural Digest Open Door video Sept. 7, where each room was intentionally designed by Demi to have its own personality.

"For this house, I wanted to make each room very special and different from the next," she said. "When curating the collection of art for this house, I wanted to highlight emerging artists from underrepresented communities."

Taking viewers inside the home, Demi showed off her living room, outdoor space for her dogs, glam room and kitchen.

The glam room had a hot pink and dark green palette, complete with a yellow neon sign that read, "you're never fully dressed without a smile," which is one of her favorite things about the room.

"It's such a true statement," Demi said about the sign, "You can put all the makeup on in the world, but unless you're feeling good about yourself, then it's gonna show, so it's just a cute little reminder to stay positive."

Demi Lovato Through the Years

Other bits of stand-out decor throughout Demi's home include a mushroom chair and vintage onion lamps in her living room. A broken skateboard with the word "Pretty" scratched on the surface hangs on the wall in her breakfast nook.

The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer explained the skateboard's significance, adding that she loved "the dichotomy of something being distressed and say it's pretty at the same time."

Upstairs, Demi gave a tour of her "shroom room"—a kaleidoscope-colored hang out space complete with a cloud chandelier that changes color to the beat of music.

She also shared her crystal collection in her bedroom, including the giant amethyst that the performer hit her head on in July, causing her to get stitches a day before an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Demi finished off the tour with a look into her "sacred space"—her at-home recording studio, which is filled with framed album artwork and musical instruments.

Demi Lovato

According to the singer, it was designed to be a "very kind of creative environment."

Demi added, "It's some place where I feel like I can come in, I can be completely be myself, be totally vulnerable and just write about what I'm feeling."

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