Wendy Williams Says She's Now In Charge After Ex-Husband Kept Her In the Dark About Business

Wendy Williams says she was kept in the dark about her business affairs by her ex-husband, but has now fully taken back control of her career.

Willams was speaking at the FWD conference in Charlotte, NC, where the 'Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Summit is being held. While being interviewed Wendy was asked about the difference in career advice for women and men.

Wendy didn't hold back, telling the crowd while her career was taking off, "Kev and the team would show up...and wouldn't tell me until he knew the deal was done."

The talk show mogul's reference is obviously about her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter and his influence in most of Wendy's businesses. As we reported, Kevin was involved in most of Wendy's day to day businesses, and had a lot of control around the production of her television show ... until he was ousted.

In the video, Wendy was clear to the audience, "I want to be in on every meeting until the deal is done, this is how I roll," claiming she is now completely in charge of her affairs and career path.

Wendy also gave the room advice about having kids too early in life, claiming it's not a good idea. "Kids get in the way," Williams responded. She clarified that she loves her kids and is a parent herself, but her advice is to build a business and then settle down in your 30s.

As we reported, Wendy filed for divorce from her husband of 20 years in April, after allegations of him fathering another child out of wedlock surfaced.

Wendy has since battled substance abuse issues and has also received treatment in a sober living facility. Recently, the talk show star has kept her sobriety and is firing on all cylinders for her show.

Sources close to Kevin tell us, he disagrees with what Wendy told the packed house this morning, claiming she was involved in deals all the way along. The source tells us, "she chose not to be involved in some things and let him handle everything."

Either way, Wendy is happy about beingin charge and making thing happen for herself.

At the same conference she also announced a partnership with Lifetime television.