Wendy Williams Says She Has ‘No Regrets’ Regarding Her Past Relationship with Ex Kevin Hunter

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John Lamparski/WireImage Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams

Ahead of the release of her biopic later this month, Wendy Williams is opening up about what it was like to revisit the ups and downs she's experienced in her life and career.

The film, Wendy Williams: The Movie, will showcase Williams' rise to fame in the entertainment industry, as well as her relationship with ex-husband Kevin Hunter and her substance abuse issues.

As for how she felt looking back on her life for the film, Williams told PEOPLE "it wasn't tough at all."

"The life that I'm living right now is my best life, and I have no guilt about saying that. I don't regret meeting Kevin, I don't regret falling in love, I don't regret staying with him for all 25 years, 21 of them married," the TV personality said during a panel promoting the movie, which premieres Saturday, Jan. 30 on Lifetime.

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"I like who I am, so I have no regrets," Williams, 56, added.

Williams filed for divorce from Hunter in April 2019 after over two decades of marriage. The pair share a child, 20-year-old Kevin Jr.

The couple's split unfolded after Hunter allegedly fathered a child with his mistress. He broke his silence on the cheating scandal in a statement to PEOPLE at the time, admitting he was "not proud of my recent actions."

In the film, Hunter is played by P-Valley's Morocco Omari who stars opposite Ciera Payton as Williams.

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Williams told reporters during the panel that although Hunter is featured, "he had no input" regarding the upcoming biopic. The talk show host then further opened up about their split, sharing that her eventual divorce was "about a good 10 years in the making," but she stayed in the marriage for Kevin Jr.

"The bigger the talk show got and the more I would look into my son's eyes and see the things that he needed regarding having his father present in the home, and his mother and the family foundation, the more I decided to give of myself," she said.

Williams, who executive-produced the biopic, added that making the movie was a chance for her to clarify some misconceptions about her and present the truth.

"I was able to clear up half-truths and untruths," she said. "Just when you think you know, you watch a biopic and you learn a whole lot more — and for mine, I wanted to be very truthful."

Wendy Williams: The Movie premieres Saturday, Jan. 30 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.