Wendy Williams Open To Guesting On Talk Shows Now That She’s “Formerly Retired”

A paparazzi member from NYCPAP caught up with longtime TV host and radio personality Wendy Williams as she was shopping at Petco for some items this week. During the encounter, Williams revealed her plans to return to TV and also her upcoming travel plans for Paris, France.

She declared in the video that she is “formerly retired.”

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“I’m shopping for kitty litter because I have a wax museum in Paris and one in California,” Williams said to the persistent camera man. “I’m going for a week in Paris and then three weeks in California and then immediately fly back.”

Unprovoked, she then revealed, “And then I want to be on TV, stuff like Seth Meyers, Joy Behar, Whoopi GoldbergThe View, stuff like that. I am formerly retired.”

Wendy Williams in Petco
Wendy Williams in Petco

Williams’ daytime talk show The Wendy Williams Show came to an end in 2022 after 13 entertaining years on the air. A host of guests took over each week as Williams tended to personal issues, including Sherri Shepherd, whose tenure resulted in the show having its highest ratings and leading her to develop her own show, Sherri, which was renewed by Fox in January.

Focusing on her health, Williams checked into a wellness facility in October 2022 before returning to the public in November. It was then that she announced she would be returning to the air with her own podcast, which has yet to premiere.

Wendy Williams with blonde hair.
Wendy Williams with blonde hair.

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During a public appearance at the annual Circle of Sisters event in New York in November 2022, Williams spoke on finding love again and her journey to becoming arguably the queen of gossip in entertainment media.

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