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Wendy Williams defends Michael Jackson amid child sex abuse allegations and Twitter has thoughts

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Not long after returning from a two-month leave for medical reasons on Monday, host Wendy Williams was back at the helm of The Wendy Williams Show and immediately stirring things up with her defense of Michael Jackson amid child sex abuse allegations.

Her comments came after the airing of Part 1 of HBO’s two-part documentary Leaving Neverland, in which two men describe allegations of sexual abuse by Jackson.

Williams characterized the accusers’ stories as “lies,” and then went on to break down which parts she believed and which parts she didn’t.

“I do believe a shower in the nude. I don’t believe there was any sexual touching,” Williams said. “I do believe sleepovers in the same bed. I do believe that if mother nature takes its course you get a hard penis. I don’t believe touching and I don’t believe sex.”

Some viewers on Twitter were loving Williams for coming to the defense of Jackson.

But others weren’t so happy with the longtime host.

Williams also defended Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, whose own longtime abuse allegations have caused many to blame him for his son’s alleged behavior.

“I believe that Joe Jackson — rest in peace — he did the best that he could in raising this showbiz family,” Williams said. “Michael became the star of the family, and even though he had all those siblings, he was still trapped in being Michael, in Michael world. He was sequestered into his part of the house, doing his thing.”

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